Truth About Online Piracy and Underground Online

The truth about online piracy, where to start when you’re a busy beginner, and how much this one weekend will change your life…

…all that and more in today’s QnA.


Q: I’m thinking about attending the Underground Internet Marketing seminar, but I don’t make a lot of money online. Is this still good for beginners?

Absolutely, and not just because of the ETR Implementation Day that I’m running on the S “From Your  1st Sale to Your 1000th Sale” for good reason, I assure you).

Being at this level of event is, and I’m not exaggerating, a life-changing experience.

You’ve probably read about all these “ordinary folks” who make money at home with an Internet business. And I’m sure you’re thinking, “This sounds too good to be true.”

Well, it IS true, and at Underground you’ll get to meet hundreds of people who have had online success.

And trust me, it is a wild and wacky – and wonderful – group of people from all walks of life.

Sure there are a few young folks who have technical skills, but most of the people there are unassuming everyday average men and women from the heartland of America or one of the dozens of other countries represented at this event.

They are regular folks, just like you and I.

And they come from all over the world – Yanik often has a contest for the person who has traveled the farthest – and every year there are more and more attendees from India,
Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand vying for that prize.

Plus there’s always a big number of Europeans there too. I’m really looking forward to seeing my old buddy, Barry Dunlop.

Like many other attendees, Barry is passionate about helping others – especially beginners – to succeed in reaching their goals of making a full time income through an Internet business.

Reserve your seat here – make sure to stay for the bonus ETR Implementation Day on Sunday, March 4th.

There are so many great things to say about this weekend…it’s fun, you’ll learn a ton, and you’ll meet some of the nicest, most helpful, and sincerest people on the planet. You’ll leave buzzing with a natural high that will last for days and days – and that’s not typical of most seminars.

Listen, if you’re serious about making money online, I can’t recommend the Underground highly enough.

I’ve been going for years and years, and Yanik has introduced me to people that have made me more money than I ever expected to make when I was a college student studying to become a strength and conditioning coach.

It’s the most important event of the year to attend, by far. If not the most important business-related event of your life.

See you there.

By the way, I’ve invited 2 special guests to the ETR bonus day.

You’ll get to hear me interrogate Rick Porter, free traffic and website set-up guru, as well as legendary Underground copywriter, Jason Leister, who I have personally invested over $21K with in the last six months.

When I want sales copy written that will hook a prospect, I go to Jason. He is the man…and you’ll be able to ask him your copy questions in our workshop-like environment.

Throw in Yanik Silver, Matt Smith, lil’ ol’ me, and who knows who else, and you have a guaranteed business-changing day.

Grab your spot here – make sure to stay for the bonus ETR Implementation Day on Sunday, March 4th.

I’ve spent all of my working life preparing the life-changing information I’ll be presenting that day.

Q: I’m in the process of writing an ebook, which I hope to sell online and my biggest puzzle is how to make sure it doesn’t just get cracked and distributed for free across the
web? – Lena

Great to hear from you again, Lena.

As for the piracy issue…All products are ripped off and available on sleazeball piracy sites within MINUTES of being made available. That’s just the nature of some people.

So what’s the answer? There is NO point in worrying about this.

Here are several reasons:

1) The only ways to stop piracy are to set up cumbersome protection methods that will dramatically increase customer service – because they also make it really difficult for
customers to access the product.

2) 95% of the population – if not more – is honest when it comes to buying your info. They will NOT steal it.

3) Almost everyone who would steal your product would not be a customer anyway…if they had to buy it, they wouldn’t…so you are not losing any customers this way…

…and on the small chance that they just wanted to see if you had good info, then just make sure you have links in your e-book to other products that they can purchase.

People have been ripping off music, tapes, dvds, etc. for decades. It’s not going to stop and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You’ll LOSE more money by waiting than you ever would from piracy.

Q: Hi Craig – I just listened to your Goal Setting Webinar & I’m interested in finding out how you catalog and keep track of everything you’ve written.

I’m referring to the part where you talk about creating some writing or products which are not always successes, or you give something away as a free gift, and then later use it in a paid product. How do you remember and find those articles or information?

I want to figure out how to dig up, use and profit from things I’ve already created in the past. – Lane

Hi Lane,
What I meant was “ideas”. I recognize the opportunity for an idea that I talked about before and I just put a new twist on it.

Of course, I also have all of my products available online and when I need a fitness bonus, I just go through them all.

Q: I’m a student but trying to build my website at the same time. My questions, then, are:

1) How much time a day/week should we be spending networking with other bloggers (like on Twitter, for example)?

2) Should we focus just as much time on landing guest posts as we should writing for our own site?

3) How would you plan your work schedule around school if you only had time to work on your business after 4pm?

Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing from you. – Nate Ollie,

Hi Nate, first thing, get up earlier and work 10-30 minutes on the business before you do anything else, that is what I did back in the day.

Your priorities should be:

a) Finishing your product

b) Writing great copy that provides an irresistible offer to readers

c) Finding ways to send traffic to the site through content (on your own and other’s websites), through affiliates, and through paid advertising (should you choose to attempt it).

Twitter is a waste of your time,

Craig Ballantyne

“Your position in the world is defined by what you instigate, how you provoke, and what you learn from the events you cause. In a world filled with change, that’s what matters – your ability to create and learn from change…We need your insights and your dreams and your contributions. Hurry.” – Seth Godin