One Valuable Lesson I’ve Learned From ETR

Here’s a bit of a riddle for you:

What’s the shortest path to success?

Answer: Failure.

As a longtime reader of ETR, this should come as no surprise to you. But when I first heard Michael Masterson’s secret of accelerated failure, it was like putting on glasses for the first time.

A die-hard perfectionist, I used to stay away from anything with a modicum of risk. Who knows what opportunities I missed out on? But then I joined the ETR team. And that’s when I learned that failure isn’t something to fear. It’s something to welcome.

Now I’m not saying I seek it out. But I no longer get bent out of shape when I fail. Instead, I take a good hard look at what went wrong. And I apply that knowledge to my next attempt.

Take, for example, copywriting. The first sales promotion I wrote was a flop. But – with the help of Michael Masterson and Charlie Byrne – I was able to pinpoint a couple of elements that weren’t working. And my second sales promotion performed much better.

Fail quickly. Study your failures. Apply what you’ve learned to your next attempt. And you’ll reach success that much faster.

I read each and every word of ETR – each and every day. And, just like you, I’m storing up all the valuable advice ETR’s experts give in every issue. I can’t even count the number of new and useful marketing techniques, business-building strategies, health recommendations, and investment tips I’ve discovered in these pages.

Now it’s your turn. Of all the things you’ve learned from ETR, which one has been the most valuable? How have you made use of it in your own life? Just think… maybe the same advice that helped you could change the life of at least one of your fellow readers.

Write to me at and tell me about that one important lesson you learned from ETR. Include your name and hometown, and we just may publish your e-mail in Early to Rise.