One Simple Step You Can Take to Accelerate Your SEO Results

There’s no better way to get traffic to your website, and bring in the sales that come with it, than by employing sound search engine marketing practices. Tens of thousands of websites hang their entire businesses on it.

One of the most appealing aspects of search engine marketing is that it levels the playing field. Small players can compete with the Big Suits — and win. They just have to work smarter.

Today, I’m going to give you the pivotal first step. It’s a simple strategy overlooked by the majority of website owners. But you can employ it right now to propel your site to “organic” search success. (And keep in mind that getting a top “organic” — not pay-per-click — search ranking for your website is free.)

All you have to do is give every page on your site a unique, “searchable” Page Title that includes a search-engine-optimized keyword phrase.

The Page Title is the first clue the search engines have as to what the page is about.

When crafting a Page Title, remember that it is actually two things:

1. It’s the title you type in at the top of each Web page. And it should be in big, bold letters to distinguish it from the page’s main body copy.

2. It’s also the title you type into each page’s meta title tag, within the html code. Very easy, and hardly technical.

So, how do you know which keyword phrase to assign to your Web pages?

Start by doing a search with Google’s free keyword tool, which you can find here:

Using a keyword-oriented Page Title is a simple way to get your website ranked at the top of the search engines. That will ultimately bring more traffic — and more motivated buyers — to your site.

[Ed. Note: John Phillips cut his teeth in online marketing back in 1996, when he figured out that he could use search engines to convert tens of thousands of people looking for credit card debt relief into credit counseling customers. Since then, he has worked directly or consulted for major clients in the wireless/ telecom, non-profit, and financial publishing sectors. John was a featured speaker at this year’s Info-Marketing Bootcamp.]