Not too far from the truth

Brian Edmondson jokes that he never made as much money as he does now as a “couch potato.”

But it’s not too far from the truth.

He’s made as much as $40,627 in a single week in his online business. And he wasn’t working his tail off. He always had time for things like long lunches with friends.

Granted, it takes some time and effort to get to that point. But once your system is in place, you’re more “checking in” than working full-time.

It’s the same system that let real estate investor Julie Broad quit her six-figure job to concentrate on her online business ( A complete Internet newbie, Julie made $500 her first month, $2,000 her second month, and $5,000 in her third month online.

As a first timer, how did Julie (or any of Brian’s other successful students) do it?

They followed the proven formula that Brian learned from his own mentors – a formula that has been responsible for thousands of successful online ventures (like Early to Rise).

They learned how to:

  • Build and update a good-looking website – without needing a graphic designer or programmer. (Using Brian’s techniques, Julie quickly started attracting visitors to her website, growing her list from a couple of hundred friends and family members to 2,000 subscribers.)
  • Generate traffic to that site using a variety of free methods, including video, search engine optimization, and more. (You’ll have to join Brian’s program to find out the rest.)
  • Convert that traffic into subscribers and then into paying customers (potentially to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars per day).

Within your first month of following the formula, you can have a website set up and ready to hit the ground running. By month two, you can expect to start seeing sales. And by month three… watch out! Because Brian’s going to show you how to open the floodgates and crank your website’s money-making power into overdrive.

You just do what Brian does… visit the same websites… click the same links… download the same programs. You get the idea.

And before you know it, you’ll have an asset that’s capable of paying you many times over, for years to come.

With Brian’s Internet Power Coaching program, it’s like looking over his shoulder as he creates a money-making online business from scratch. You get soup-to-nuts, hand-holding guidance that makes it almost impossible to fail.

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