Neutralize Stress Right Now: Ask 3 Quick Questions…

Stress seems to be an inevitable part of our fast-paced lives, but sometimes stress is actually healthy. In fact, from a short-term standpoint stress is meant to be protective, not harmful. It generates alertness, builds resiliency, boosts immunity, and even motivates you to succeed.

But our modern lifestyles seem to encourage chronic stress — which creates a sense of helplessness, being out of control of a situation, procrastination, and compromised immunity — and that negatively affects our mental and physical health.

When faced with overwhelming stress, you don’t need to allow it to take control. A simple shift in your perception can be exactly what you need to instantly move through a potentially debilitating moment into one that’s fueled by insight, clarity, and positive motivation.

This simple shift is called: Reframing.

Reframing helps you decide how you will handle inevitable situations that can create stress and derail you from your goals.

Your go-to negative thoughts, words, and reactions can be neutralized and you can begin to break the cycle of destructive patterns that keep you stuck in chronic stress.

Reframing is a simple process of choosing a new way of seeing something. When you change your perception, you change how your body responds to it.

Identifying how you are reacting to any given stressful or destructive situation, then choosing a healthier way of responding and dealing with it, is the most powerful way to become the adaptable, healthy, happy individual you long to become.

Reframing by refocusing your perception of situations is a potent tool for establishing a NEW way of being.

Ask these 3 questions when faced with “roadblocks” or as I call them “goal-blocks:”

Can I change the situation?

Can I leave the situation?

Can I change myself to fit or adapt to the situation?

While the first two questions may often be answered with a “no,” the third question will always yield a “yes!” Here’s your ticket to stress-freedom.

Your perception of life is your reality. You have the power to change your mind. All you have to do is choose to see a “terrible” situation for the opportunity that it really is.

Perhaps it’s a chance for personal growth, enlightenment, humility, reconciliation, or self-discovery… the options for how each moment can teach us to be more mindful, loving, lighthearted, and gracious are endless.

Ask yourself these 3 questions every time you’re in a stressed and powerless situation — eventually you’ll notice that these circumstances disappear because you don’t perceive them negatively anymore!

Your vision will be attuned to find the opportunity in everything you experience. What a transformation that will be!