My Unexpected “Pack-Your-Bag” Moments From Bootcamp

As I settled into my seat on the first day of Bootcamp, I wasn’t expecting to hear any ideas I wasn’t already familiar with. After all, I edit every issue of Early to Rise – which means I’ve edited articles written by all the experts whose Bootcamp presentations I was about to watch.

Then Alex Mandossian – Bootcamp’s official emcee – jumped on stage and kicked things off by super-charging an already charged-up audience. And he introduced a concept I’d never heard before: He told us to keep our ears open for what he called “pack-your-bags” moments. By that, he meant ideas that hit you so hard you feel that you have already learned something that was well worth the price of admission – that you could happily pack your bags right then and there and go home.

As I said, I didn’t expect to hear anything I didn’t already know. In fact, I hadn’t even bothered to bring my program notebook to that first session. But within minutes, I was grabbing for a pad of paper and a pen. And I didn’t stop scribbling down new ideas from that point forward.

Ideas like these…

  • From Brian Edmondson: One big difference between traditional marketing and Internet marketing is the way you look at your competitors. With traditional marketing, they’re usually your enemies. With Internet marketing, they’re all potential partners.
  • From MaryEllen Tribby: Insert space is an underutilized marketing channel. If you don’t have a physical product, you probably know someone who does. So… make a deal with them to put an insert (a brochure or other sales material) for your digital product into the fulfillment package they send to their customers.
  • From Rich Schefren: Social media put you in direct contact with your market. With a blog, for example, you have a constant conversation with your buyers and prospective buyers – which can automatically turn them into a strong marketing channel for you.

And lots, lots more.

If you were at Bootcamp, you know what I’m talking about. If you weren’t, I strongly urge you to get ETR’s “Bootcamp Home Edition DVD Set“… and watch every single one. (By the way, the price goes up $200 after today, so hurry and get your order in NOW.)


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