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My First Webinar

Ok, dirty little secret time.

I absolutely hate learning new things.

In fact, I get really anxious when I have to try anything ‘new’ that involves technology.

That’s why I still have a Blackberry and just reluctantly switched to a Macbook last Christmas.

Unfortunately for me, this past Monday turned out to be the Perfect Storm of ‘new’ technology.

Last week I had promised Financial Independence Monthly Coaching Clients that our Fast Start coaching program was going to start on Monday night.

That meant I had to learn how to use GotoWebinar.

So that alone was bad enough, HOWEVER, it got worse.

At some point during my 15-day trip away from home (while I was in Florida and Atlanta), my modem broke, and so I had no Internet access.

Plus, I had no idea how to fix the problem.

One of my employees, Dan “The Tech Man” Brown, spent three hours with me trying to fix my Internet connection and then racing around Toronto trying to find a replacement modem before the webinar.

We got it just in time.

I even had a little time to practice the webinar, and things went really smooth. Perfect Fast Start Coaching session.

We even managed to record it – no screw-ups at all.

So we beat my technological insecurities.

On the bright side, once I “get” how to use something, I tend to go overboard. So I’ll probably be doing three webinars a day or something ridiculous soon enough.

So that was Monday.

Tuesday was much better.

I spent the morning going through the 15 days worth of mail that had piled up, including all of my newsletter and magazine subscriptions.

Wow, do I subscribe to a LOT of stuff.

But more importantly, I also received a dozen checks in the mail.

That’s the power of building an online business with multiple oil wells.

You end up like those people in that cheesy movie, The Secret, who claim to receive random checks in the mail.

That’s how I felt, because I didn’t even know I was selling stuff on, but they sent me $174. A couple of daily deal sites sent me about $350, Clickbank sent me almost 10 grand, and a few other folks sent me some checks for $5k.

It’s a beautiful thing, this Internet.

It really is.

Totally makes up for all the technology headaches.

If you want to know how I do it, watch my virgin cartoon video here:

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like the end of this video before.

Step outside your comfort zone for success,

Craig Ballantyne