The World’s Most Interesting Man in Internet Marketing

Today you’ll meet the World’s Most Interesting Man in Internet Marketing.

You’ll also discover how to set goals using my trademarked system.

And then soon, just to confuse you, I’ll have an article from the World’s Most Interesting Man on why you should NOT set goals. Stay tuned!

Now let’s begin with a question…

Question: “Craig, both you and Simon Black have mentioned Matt Smith as being highly successful. He’s been touted as earning upwards of $10,000 per day while traveling the globe to study philosophy and spend time with his family, as well as flying as far below the radar as possible. In fact, he’s impossible to pin down. How did you first meet him?” – Rob


Rob, first, Matt will be very happy to read your question (although I left out the part where you called him ‘enigmatic’). Second, I met him when he and I were both in Yanik Silver’s Mastermind Group in 2008. We got along pretty well from day one, and spent the next two years trying to figure out how to do business with one another.

In 2009 I joined the Atlas 400, a private networking group (initiation fee of $25,000) because Matt was a part of it. That gave us more time to hang out in unique locations, like at the Superbowl (Colts-Saints), as well as in New York City at the annual Atlas meeting.

We also hung out at a Casey Investments Research Summit in Vegas, where he first introduced me to the equally enigmatic Simon Black. Simon and I also got along very well from day one.

A year later Matt, Simon, our friend Jeff Schneider (an integral team member of traveled to Lithuania for our yearly Young Entrepreneurs camp (which we plan on doing again this summer…more details soon) =>

But back in October of 2010, Matt and I attended one of Yanik’s Maverick Business Adventure trips in Tucson, Arizona. Along with Tim Ferriss and over a dozen other interesting entrepreneurs, we learned how to do stunt driving and evasive driving, and we shot over a dozen types of handguns from around the world and different wartime eras.

While in the Tucson airport on the way home, Matt and I discussed the goals for my business. I repeated what I said to my first business coach, Tom Venuto, back in 2006, saying, “I want to have a business like”

Two months later, Matt and I had several phone calls right before Christmas ’10, where we decided I would invest in one of his businesses and we’d partner on this site,

We planned to deliver amazing free content for six months in order to generate goodwill with you, our reader, before we ever considered selling anything. And that’s exactly what happened, and then one day…

…June 7th, 2011 to be exact…

…I received this odd email from Matt that said,

“If u could own part and run ETR. Would you?”

(Technically it was a text that got sent to my email, so please excuse his grammar.)

Through his extensive network, Matt had stumbled across the opportunity of MY lifetime. Simply knowing Matt gave me the chance to do what I had dreamed of since I first read Early to Rise in 2001. Not only was I getting a chance to run a business “like” the one I always admired, but I was given the EXACT business.

(That’s a crazy vision/goal setting discussion for another day…or at least another part of this email.)

That’s how we went from members of the same Mastermind in 2008 to being business partners today.

All told, I’ve probably invested over $65,000 just to hang around Matt. From the Mastermind to Atlas to flying to Europe, Denver (multiple times), Miami, Vegas, Nicaragua, and Washington, I basically chase Matt around the world in order to get his advice…because it’s been worth 1000 times what I’ve paid.

He and I are working on some massive projects right now that we hope a lot of Internet Independence readers choose to become a part of…possibly even as business partners one day. All will be revealed soon.

Great question…I had a lot of fun writing this and remembering some pretty interesting adventures Matt and I have had along the way.

PS – No, Matt is not the Dos Equis guy…but give him a couple of years and he’ll be ranking in the top 10 for “Most Interesting Man in the World” (if he isn’t already).

PPS – If you want to “meet” Matt, read this interview here

And now for the goal setting info…

Question: “I’ve heard a lot about creating e-books for Amazon. Are you putting any products in the Kindle marketplace?” – Kate


Kate, yes, we’ve put some DVD’s and ebooks on Amazon, such as my goal-setting book. It includes the Vision exercise that will help you achieve your dreams like I have mine.
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Get interested,

Craig Ballantyne

“Stay thirsty my friends.” – Current World’s Most Interesting Man