Most Important Parts of an Internet Business

I’m worried about you.

A lot of questions sent in recently suggest that you’re in danger of getting off track.

So today, you’ll get back on track with the TRUTH about what really matters in your business.

Q: Should I write a kindle book?

Answer: At this time, don’t waste any time even thinking about Kindle books.

I’m doing it for experimental purposes…but it won’t help anyone reading reach the $100K level.

Focus on what really matters in your business, making the first sale of a full-priced product on your own site.

Or making MORE sales of YOUR products on your site.

That’s the TRUTH about what matters.

The more of your own stuff that you can sell on your site for full price is what will make you the most money. Period.

This is your ultimate long-term strategy. Never lose sight of it.

Q: Is there an inexpensive E-Book you would recommend buying that would serve as a good example for someone trying to write their first one? I’m not trying to copy, just have no idea how long it should be, how many pictures to include, how in depth, etc. trying to get a rough idea.

Just for an FYI, I am going to be writing a nutrition and exercise plan backed by research from some of the leading journals on nutrition. Still in the early stages and just now finishing up the website.

Answer: Yes, you should purchase from

Make sure to pay close attention to how the upsell flow works.

You will learn a lot.

That said, creating these products is not rocket science.

You just put a bunch of great value into a word document, convert it to a PDF, and then make your solution available to people who have problems that you can solve.

Don’t over-think things, and don’t let YOU be the main factor holding you back from success.

Q: How do/would you schedule time for self-education relevant to your business? As part of your “work day” even though it’s not something directly money-making? Or elsewhere? – Sean

Answer: When I was employed, I added education to every one of my breaks and lunch times, and to every minute spent commuting (audio books in car, books on subway).

You have to squeeze out value from every single minute in life.

As a self-employed person, I get most of education through seminars, because I don’t really like to watch videos (too easy to get distracted) or through books read on the way to seminars on airplanes.

You should schedule your self-education outside of your regular working hours unless it’s a seminar you are attending.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more clarity. I’ll turn this into a full ETR article as well.

Q: I’m a pretty positive person, but obviously get frustrated and into a negative mindset at times. Any tricks to help keep those times to a minimum or to snap out of it faster?
– Jen

That’s why I wrote my rules and work to live by them all the time. They’ve made me a better person.

You can read them here and use them as inspiration to create your own that will guide you through all those rough patches:

Early To Rise – 12-rules

Q: Hi Craig, how do you deal/work with people who do not want you to succeed if you are forced into working with them by your employer? – Ashley

Answer: Treat people with respect and live by example. Be the best person you are capable of.

What they think/want is irrelevant.

And work as hard as possible to get yourself out of that situation. Never speak bad of them, but like any negative situation in life, you must find a way to remove yourself from it in the most positive way possible.

Q: This is a question everyone who writes gets asked, but how do you get your ideas for writing topics? And so many, at that? – Mary K

Answer: I have 100x’s the ideas than I have completed articles. I came up with 5 more awesome ideas in my magic time this morning alone.

I’m young, I’m doing something that excites me, and I love creating things. I just can’t stop the ideas from coming.

To have the same for you, make sure you are blocking off your magic time for creativity, and do things that make you creative (exercise, walking in fresh air, etc.).

Plus, it is important to know your topic in depth, and to be passionate about it. Great question, hope that helps.

Q: How do I deal effectively with interruptions that seems so urgent and which demand attention but mess up my schedule for the day?

Answer: First, get up and get to work earlier. Get a lot done before the interruptions start.

Second, manage other people’s expectations. There should be limits on when they are able to contact you. You must ruthlessly protect your time.

Third, be brutally honest about what constitutes ‘an urgent emergency’. Be willing to sacrifice certain ‘urgencies’ in order to stay focused on the more important parts of your work.

Something’s gotta give.

Determine what is truly most important to you.

Q: At what point is it best for someone to hire a “coach” to guide them with their business? As soon as they start their business (when they are still in the red) or when they have reached a certain profit (in the black)? – Steve R.

Answer:It’s not a matter of money, it’s a matter of when you need the help. I was making good money online before I hired my first coach, BUT I needed my first coach long before that.

A coach would have accelerated my progress…but I was too cheap to hire one. Big mistake, lesson learned.

Q: How do you deal with self – doubt, especially for self – doubt in the life and career direction that you are going towards. Is there a formula you use to discover if it is time to change your career directions? – Allan

Answer: That’s a great question.

I think it goes back to being aware of the vision you have for your life, the legacy you want to leave, and the reputation you want to build.

Figure out the TRUTH about what matters to you.

Believe me, when I was 25 I struggled and wondered if I would be better off getting a ‘real career’ (i.e. like a lawyer) rather than chasing a vision built around my passion (showing people how to live better through exercise).

I’m glad I stuck through the dips…it was tough, but my vision, my network, and knowing what I wanted to accomplish showed me the true path that I should follow.

It’s tough, and takes some hard thinking, but that’s how I found my answer.

Watch this vision video if you need help with anything:

Envision what matters,

Craig Ballantyne

“Recognize that fear, frustration, and angst are only there to help you change course. They’re there to help you see that your mental picture is off-target. Put the right mental image back onto the screen of your mind and watch how the Universe lines things up in your favor.” – Matt Furey