3 More Tips to Get More Done – Part 2

Yesterday I spent 2 hours planning out the transition into a new business (the “big deal”  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago).

Looks like we’re taking over on July 18th. As a result, my workload has doubled – and I’ll be needing yesterday’s 3 time management tips and today’s 3 tips as much as you.

So here’s what I plan to do…

#4 – Get Something Done First Thing in the Morning

As I’ve written several times, one of the smartest things I did when I was a full-time personal trainer trying to switch over to a full-time website business owner was to get up at 4:30am in order to work for 10-15 minutes on a major project that would move my business ahead.

Now it doesn’t sound like much, but back in 2003 and 2004 it made all the difference in helping me gain traction and begin to achieve my business goals.

The morning time is a magic time for getting work done. For everyone. Don’t give me that “I work better at night” excuse.

The fact of the matter is you can train yourself to do anything…and that includes getting up in the early morning and working on a project without distraction.

Continuing on with Eben’s suggestion yesterday of working in time chunks is the idea of applying the 80-20 rule to your workday.

If 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts, then the most important part of your day is the first 96 minutes of un-interrupted effort that you spend on a big project.

So start designing your life to allow you to set up your day to spend the first 96 minutes focusing on getting one major project done – and that doesn’t mean answering email.

#5 – Beat the Clock; Work Like A Machine

Dan Kennedy recommends playing “beat the clock”. Essentially, he means setting an end time for your work projects.

Now lots of folks set “start times”, but rarely do people give themselves deadlines.

So schedule each task like an appointment

Remember, if you give yourself 60 minutes to write an email, what does Parkinson’s Law say? That it will take 60 minutes, of course.

And if you gave yourself 45 minutes, you’ll magically finish the email in 45 minutes.

#6 – Speed Of Implementation

Sometimes to get things done you need to set a deadline with consequences. That might be the only way to inspire action.

For example, for a couple of my projects later this year, I’ve set the date, booked the hotel, and then had to get my butt in gear to fill the seats and get the work done.

That’s one way of holding your feet to the fire to get things done.

So if you are procrastinating about getting your first product done, you should set a launch date (so then you have a deadline). I do that with all my promos and you better believe everything gets done.

And once you start taking action with SPEED and urgency, the snowball gets rolling.

Everyone arounds you starts operating at a faster speed as well, and as Kennedy says, you start attracting speed and resources into your life that will help you get things done.

So if you want something, start taking MASSIVE action towards it today.

Life rewards action,

Craig Ballantyne

“You are exactly what you believe and think about all day long. Constantly monitor your thoughts.” – Kekich Credo #95

  • cy

    can you share what are the exact steps that you did to build your online business? I also plan on setting up on as a passive income stream but I don’t know how to start and know nothing about IT and setting up website or what service/product I should start with. I’m only 21 and I am not sure I have anything that I can offer.

    It seems all that they need and all my business ideas, there are already people selling them. If I were to set up a business now, it seems like my business is surely a losing one.

  • Again; great tips, Craig! The only thing I would add is that it can really help to have a partner/coach/support group/master-mind group/or even a child, to declare my goals to and have them hold me accountable. It can make a world of diffence to be accountable to someone else than just for myself. 😉

  • For anyone that has a Mac you can download Timey Time from the app store to give you a virtual egg timer for project completion.

    I turn it on when doing a blog post and it has me finishing in half the time.

  • Dammit this is all good stuff,

    I just need to get it done now!