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In the years right after college, back in the early 2000’s, I lived with my best friend from high school. One day I came home from the gym to see him opening a package filled with giant yellow rubber boots, Buddy Holly-style glasses (sans lenses), vinyl records, and a golf club.

“Uh, what is all this stuff?”, I asked.

“Stuff I ordered on Ebay the other week,” he said. “I really need to stay off that site,” he continued, all while taking a few swings in his new hip-waders.

“Uh, yeah, probably.”

Back then, Ebay was the site where people went to buy stuff they didn’t need.

These days, it’s

I’ve lost count of how many times I went for one book and left with an order for four others.

And the great thing about Amazon (if you’re an Amazon associate/affiliate), is that people go for books, and leave with all kinds of stuff – and you get a commission on everything they buy.

I found this out back in December when I recommended Tim Ferriss’ latest book to my health and fitness readers. I used an affiliate link, but I didn’t expect to make more than a few hundred books (as I understood I’d earn about a buck a book). However…

Six weeks after promoting Tim’s book, I received a surprisingly large affiliate commission check (relative to what I was expecting) from Amazon.

Because of that, I went into my account and expected to see that I sold 5x’s more books than originally thought, but instead I found commissions for rubber boots, toasters, Ipods, and more. Everything but a kitchen sink. Although no Buddy Holly-style glasses, either.

Thanks to this experience, I’m now working on a plan with Rick Porter to sell some of my fitness e-books on Amazon. It’s not going to be a lot of work for me to repackage some of my workouts, give them “keyword specific” titles, and then have Rick promote these Amazon listings online with an Amazon affiliate link.

Here’s Rick’s explanation of why this should be simple way to make some nice side cash, especially in 6 months when everyone’s buying all their Christmas gifts online.

Rick said: “I think Amazon is a great place for products because the trust factor is so high.

I have done only a little bit of Amazon affiliate marketing and it amazes me at the conversion ratio on click throughs – for about every 20-30 clicks I’m making some kind of sale – last month I had 2,273 clicks with a 3.56% conversion rate.

The funny thing about Amazon is you get someone to click through for some dog food and they also buy a pair of shoes and some DVD’s.

Having some great products to promote there creates an incredible gateway where you sell even more stuff (I’ve sold three “3dtv’s” in the last 3 months and when someone buys one they also buy cables and a few pairs of $80 3dtv glasses, a blue ray player and a couple blue ray movies).

The SEO is actually much easier – I have pushed Amazon listings up really high in the past using nothing more than a bunch of low quality backlinks. It’s just as easy to get an Amazon link ranked high in Google as it is with Youtube videos.

So I expect that if I put more effort into it and use high quality links to these Amazon listings, we could crush it for just about any search term we choose.

But we need to put the keyword as the title of the e-book we’re selling on Amazon so it will outrank any other posts.

If you could bang out tons of books for Amazon we could make a lot of money because people go in for 1 thing and come out with more. Get a bunch of products up before Christmas because sales rise really high as people piggy back their Christmas shopping on top of buying stuff for themselves.”

Rick Porter

So there you go.

I just gave you an awesome strategy for nothing…one that could make just about anyone – from a high-school kid to a retired senior – a few hundred extra bucks at next Christmas time alone.

As you can see, I’m holding nothing back here…each day I’m showing you exactly what I’m doing to build my income – it’s as if you’re a partner in my business.

Most “internet gurus” would have charged you $1000 or something for this info.

But that’s not what I’m after.

Remember – my goal is to help 1000 people from all over the world to create their financial independence in 2011 through a website business. So keep on sending in your success stories. You’re making me proud.

To your Internet Independence,

Craig Ballantyne
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