Money Now… and Savings for Retirement

Yesterday, I outlined a great way for you to bring in a second stream of income: starting an “info-net” business. We talk a lot about that at Early to Rise, because we believe it really is the fastest and easiest way to make extra money now and, at the same time, save for retirement.

Today, I want to share the story of someone who made that happen for himself.

PJ McClure, a member of our Internet Money Club and attendee at several ETR events, started his online business, centered around self-improvement coaching, a little more than a year ago. As “The Mindset Maven,” this is just some of what he’s accomplished so far:

  • 4,000+ names on his e-mail list
  • A 10-part video series for new subscribers
  • A regular e-mail newsletter
  • A published book, Flip the S.W.I.T.C.H.

He’s also been partnering with some of the big names in the industry — including Early to Rise, MaryEllen Tribby’s Working Moms Only, and — and moving into international ventures.

Not only that… PJ’s online business made it possible for him to quit a six-figure job. (He brought in nearly that much from “The Mindset Maven” in his first year.) And he’s just getting started.

What do you need to start your own “info-net” business?

Well, you need a lot of desire. And the motivation to keep working toward profitability.

(If you’re not sure that you want to create a second stream of income from your own part-time online business… I advise you not to even get started.)

But money-wise… all you (or PJ or anybody who’s ever done it) need is $39. That’s it.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Domain name – $10 a year
  • Web hosting – $10 a month
  • An e-mail system to build and maintain your subscriber list – $19 a month

That seems like a drop in the bucket when you consider the start-up costs for other businesses.

Franchises can costs tens of thousands of dollars. With a bricks-and-mortar store, you pay rent, utility bills, and salaries. And then you have to shell out thousands to stock up on inventory.

With an “info-net” business, you sidestep all those costs. You work from home. You don’t have to maintain an inventory, because all your products are digital. And you can try out new marketing strategies and products at no cost to you.

So that’s $39 to get started.

Once you have the system down, you can replicate your successful results over and over again… for that same initial $39 investment. Your first additional stream of income could lead to a second, third, and fourth. That’s money you can enjoy now and save for your retirement.

But first, you need a game plan. And you need to learn how to make this business work.

That’s where we come in.

At ETR, we’ve put together a plan to see you through the awkward start-up phase to profitability and beyond.

We’ve broken it down into 10 steps that are essential to your online success. And that’s exactly what we teach in our Internet Cash Machine home study course:

  1. How to overcome your aversion to sales (you probably have this whether you know it or not) and reject all the mainstream ideas about business. Find out what really drives profits.
  2. Why who your friends are is hugely important
  3. A way to reach your customers and get them to know, like, and trust you… without writing a single word of website or sales copy.
  4. How to make your ideas “sticky” and turn prospects into buyers.
  5. The key to making Google work for you.
  6. How to create profitable products. (Knowing what the customer wants isn’t the half of it.)
  7. What you must do to capitalize on your initial success — the metrics you need to figure out what worked (so you can keep doing more of it… and drop the strategies that had you spinning your wheels).
  8. Making sure you aren’t the biggest obstacle to your success by developing a “success mindset.”
  9. A primer on direct-marketing fundamentals and the one thing all your marketing must do.
  10. A way to keep all these new strategies, techniques, and ideas organized. And how to make sure you know what to do next.

Some of these steps may seem counterintuitive. Or they may not match anything you’ve heard about running a business. But once you get started, it will become clear that much of what most people “know” about running a business is wrong. And you’ll discover why we encourage all of our readers to start an online “info-net” business as a way to supplement (and some day exceed) their current income and build a substantial nest egg.