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I’m not a vegetarian. And Washington DC’s famed chef Jose Andres isn’t either. But he had something drastic and stunning to say about the flavor of vegetables:

“Meat is overrated and slightly boring… Vegetables are so much more sexier than a piece of chicken that you put in your mouth, you chew for 5 seconds, and then it’s completely tasteless from that point on. Something like this doesn’t happen with a pineapple, an asparagus, or a green pea.”

He has a point: vegetables are more flavorful than meat or fish. I don’t know how else to put it, but here is another point:

Eating vegetables is your key to fat loss.

Yesterday I got reminded of this by a reader, Chloe, who had a fantastic idea:cauliflower with cilantro and garlic

“Hi Chef – I made my chicken wings from cauliflower cut to look like wings and baked and then basted them in hot sauce. They are just as yummy as real wings, and are helping me lose weight without feeling deprived.” – Chloe L.

She got it. Big time.

So inspired by Chloe, I just created a recipe. It’s a nice main course for “Meatless Monday” (a nice tradition in my family), or a cool side dish for a roasted chicken for instance.

If you have a great recipe idea, please email me or post it on our Facebook page. My readers inspire me to cook more and more. And I thank you all for that.


Recipe Card Image small

Gui Alinat

Gui Alinat is a Tampa, Fla.-based American Culinary Federation Certified Executive Chef, published food writer, and the owner of Artisan Boutique Catering. He is the author of "The Chef's Repertoire," and "Eat More, Burn More." Born, raised and classically trained as a chef on the Mediterranean coast of France, he traveled extensively, working in restaurants around the world. Chef Gui promotes an active lifestyle, sound nutrition, and believes that fresh and tasty food is resolutely compatible with fat loss and bodybuilding alike. He lives in Florida with his wife Carissa and their five children.