7 Mastermind Secrets from San Diego

Wow, what a weekend.

Just finished up an amazing time in San Diego – even with the legendary west coast 13-hour power outage last week.

But it was all about the people. Over 27 Mastermind members from as far away as Australia, NewFoundland, and even New Zealand, came to San Diego to sit down and share what was working in their business and what they needed help with.

Now I can’t share everything that Bedros Keuilian and I taught in the Mastermind, but I did smuggle out 7 tips that will help your website business.

Tip 1) Persistence leads to greatness.

One of the biggest secrets in marketing is so simple it’s embarrassing.

The secret?

If you ask enough, the person you are asking will eventually breakdown and give you what you want.

NOTE: Use that tip only for good. Not for evil.

Tip 2) Combining a numbered-mission-goal (i.e. helping 1 million people or 10000 in your city) accelerates success because it attracts action and support into your business.

Once you add a mission and a vision you go from “guy who just wants your money” to “person who is trying to help save the world”.

This attracts volunteers to your cause and clients to your mission.

Everyone wins.

3) All top earners live by the 5% rule and train employees to take over easily outsourced responsibilities.

Listen, you can’t make a $100,000 per year income doing $10/hour tasks (unless you find a way to work 10,000 hours per year).

4) Having a passion leads to profit and production because you’ll work harder on your topic.

We ran a Transformation Contest among our Mastermind Members, and Dr. Peter Osborne was our winner. Check out his Facebook page with over 18,000 fans here:

=> http://www.facebook.com/GlutenFreeSociety

His presentation was one of the most passionate talks I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

Seeing that made me realize that he’ll never quit, and when a person refuses to quit, there’s only one option left:


5) Take action now to attract success, and apologize later.

One of our Mastermind members, another action taker named Rick Porter, did a promotion this summer that upset the apple cart. A few of his readers got upset with him…

…however, it also attracted a lot of clients and affiliates into his business.

At some point, you have to accept that not everyone is going to be happy with the way you run your business.

And you can choose to spend your time avoiding criticism, or succeeding and apologizing to those who don’t like you.

6) You don’t find time for your business, you MAKE time.

Our contest winner, Dr. Peter Osborne, works over 40 hours per week in his clinic and still finds time to build a 6-figure per year info business.

Oh, and he has two teenage children and he finds time to exercise.

No excuses.

Find time. Set deadlines. You’ll get it done if you make it matter to you.

7) The #1 secret from our biggest success stories was…

…Attend events, network, and mastermind.

Not surprisingly, our best members attend many events per year.

They don’t sit at home and try to do it all on their own.

That is a big lesson,

Craig Ballantyne

“The right thing is usually not the easy thing to do. You may sacrifice popularity for rightness, by you’ll lose self-esteem for wrongness. Don’t be afraid to say no.” – Kekich Credo #47