Push Button to Make Money

Yesterday was a travel day and so I fixed you up something in the airport…the final 6 of Yanik Silver’s hot buttons for making a sale.

Push these buttons and you’ll make the real moniezz.

Ooops, sorry, I mean moniezzz. Three z’s on the real moniezzz.
Can’t forget that.

Now back to Yanik’s tips. These will help you write better ad copy and email messages…and remember, they are so good that I study one of these tips every morning and apply it to my copywriting tasks for that day…maybe you should consider that habit too?

6. Authority

I’ve been using my Men’s Health magazine credibility for years, and it’s been a huge factor in building my business. It doesn’t matter what publication you’ve been in (or media you’ve appeared in), be sure to leverage it to build your authority and credibility.

In my business, I make a big deal out of every time someone steals my shirts-off photo and uses it in their business (this happens at least twice a year). And I leverage that as a way to prove my authority.

7. Scarcity

In our current www.247FatLoss.com product, we’re using the 3-day launch calendar as a deadline for our special intro investment. The price will go up as soon as the deadline passes.

If you’re selling a physical item, you can use a limited number as your scarcity. I’ve done that when selling a limited number of DVDs.

You should be as creative as possible to come up with ways to include scarcity in EVERY offer made to your readers.

8. Social Proof

This means testimonials (or proven sales numbers if you’re selling a business product).

I’ve found the best way to get testimonials in my fitness business is through the Transformation Contest model. You can never, ever have too much social proof.

9. Price Contrast

This is a popular tactic used in many sales letters and infomercials.

You’ll see the author talk about how much they charge or how much the product should cost, and add that up and then say, but for only $__ you can get this program. Make sure you are using price contrast in your efforts.

I truly believe the reason we have a 5-12% conversion rate (depending on traffic source) for our new Financial Independence Monthly program is because of the “name your own price” aspect of the price contrast.

Check out that offer here

10. Reciprocation

Giving a free gift to someone essentially makes the recipient feel like, “they owe you one”. So giving a free sample or free bonus helps build a stronger relationship with your prospect and increases your chance of getting them to buy from you.

11. Commitment & Consistency

People want to be consistent with the image they have created of themselves. For example, if you get people to give you testimonials about your product, they will be more apt to buy from you when you release a new product, because they’ve already told themselves how great your past product was. Just another reason to create more products and sell to your customer list over and over again.

I have a great real-world story of this that I’ll share in Friday’s QnA.

Alright, time to take a taxi to the hotel.

Push the buttons,

Craig Ballantyne

“Keep track of the big lessons you learn everyday. Most people gloss over some of the most significant lessons in their lives because we’re often too busy to reflect on what we learned. They remain reactive to life, never proactive. There is no self-reflection among the masses, and therefore they remain on the treadmill of life, doing the same thing over and over again and wondering why they aren’t getting the results they want.” – CB