How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off

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Losing weight and becoming fit is a struggle for many people. There are so many fitness and diet plans that boast great results. Sadly, these results are often unsustainable. There is one key difference between lasting changes and temporary improvement. This fundamental difference is social support.

Why Some Diet Plans Work

Many wellness companies understand the need for social support and have implemented this idea into their weight loss and fitness programs. For example, there are fitness companies that expect customers to be at their gym 3 or 4 days every week. Similarly, there are weight-loss plans that require participants to show up for weekly or bi-weekly weigh-ins. There is a reason these plans work.

When a coach holds you accountable, you’re much more likely to adhere to the standards of the plan. When a whole community is making strides toward the same weight loss goal, that goal becomes attainable. Conversely, it is much easier to skip a day of exercising or healthy eating when no one else will even know it happened.

Why Community Matters

The roles of community in weight loss and health are well documented. According to a peer-reviewed study on social support for healthy behaviors: prediction of weight loss among women, “Women who “never” experienced family support were least likely to lose weight (4community weight loss5.7% lost weight) whereas women who experienced both frequent friend and family support were more likely to lose weight (71.6% lost weight).”

Healthy habits aren’t formed in a vacuum. According to the World Health Organization, “Social support networks — greater support from families, friends and communities is linked to better health.” This is no great surprise. It’s easy to quit or give into temptation when everyone in the office is going out for pizza and suddenly the salad you brought for lunch seems far less appealing. It is also easy to become complacent with nutrition when eating at unhealthy restaurants is the norm within a family or social circle.

It is tempting to skip a workout and go to happy hour instead. Having negative social influences makes weight loss difficult. Fortunately, being able to lean on like-minded individuals has the opposite effect. Positive reinforcement matters when trying to lose weight and become healthier.

Finding a community that is on the path to weight loss and a healthier life does not always come naturally. Yet, finding a group of like-minded people almost always means the difference between temporary weight loss and lasting change.

Finding a Health Coach & Community

For many, showing up for exercise classes or weigh-ins is impractical. With a busy schedule, meeting with a coach regularly just isn’t realistic. Luckily, there is another model that allows participants to reap all the benefits of an encouraging health coach and community without the negative impact of having to show up at a weigh-in twice a week — an online support community.

Whether online or in-person, having a consistent support network is crucial for weight loss and improved overall health.

  1. You must have the right people on your side for 24/7 positive social support.
  2. You need coaches for accountability and expert advice.

transformationKnowing that your coach is truly invested in your success is also crucial. Early to Rise Fitness and Nutrition Editor Missi Holt, is a coach who cares deeply about her clients. She never puts herself on a pedestal despite being in great shape and a master of eating healthy. Missi brings her honesty and vulnerability to her work. She truly believes in the transformative power of a support network and cultivating life-long habit that lead to weight loss and a healthier life.

Missi openly shares her own journey to becoming healthy and understands that getting in touch with emotional needs is the only way to exude beauty and health from the inside out. Missi favors a holistic approach to weight loss and improved health.

She understands the value of working on the inner and outer aspects of health and creates a community to support these goals. Missi is a very accessible weight loss, health, and fitness coach who understands the value of a mentor and powerful support network.

Community-Oriented Program

Missi’s Transformation Challenge is an effective and highly regarded approach to improving your health and fitness. Her program provides specific steps to improve from the inside out. Missi understands the value of social support and accountability and implements them into her online program.

Her quick, effective workouts (all 30 minutes or less) complement a straightforward nutrition plan that changes lives for the better. The Transformation Challenge leads to tangible results in a supportive setting.

Losing weight and improving health are difficult for many people. Sustainable weight loss is much more realistic within a supportive and healthy community. Social support truly changes everything. Missi’s Transformation Challenge changes lives for the better. Learn more about the Transformation Challenge.


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