Living Rich: The Staycation

A good vacation can recharge your batteries, and make you more effective and productive when you return to work. But there’s no reason to take a fancy trip that will cost a fortune. For a fraction of what a Mediterranean cruise or even a family road trip to Disney World would cost, there are hundreds of ways to relax and broaden your mind right in your own backyard.

“Staycationers” explore their own city, visiting tourist sites that they rarely see. Meanwhile, they stay at home instead of in a hotel, enjoying cookouts with friends and spending time with their kids.

Taking a staycation here in South Florida – where thousands of people come to vacation – is especially easy for me and my family. When the weather cools in the fall, we have a full week planned. We’ll be hitting up local attractions – Butterfly World, botanical gardens in Miami (my wife is into gardening), art museums up and down the coast – and, of course, lounging on the beach.

But you can plan a staycation no matter where you live. It’s a great way to rest and relax – without breaking the bank.

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