Living Rich: Take Your Next Sunday Drive in a Ferrari

Admit it. You’ve always fantasized about cruising down the freeway in a Lamborghini. Or a Ferrari. Or maybe a Hum-V.

Well, there’s no reason you CAN’T do it. And you don’t have to shell out six figures for the thrill.

Michael Masterson has never been an advocate of buying fancy new cars. He’s always recommended getting your cars slightly used. Since they depreciate so much the instant they leave the lot, buying used is a smart way to get an almost-new vehicle without losing a lot of money.

But there’s another option …


According to Prince & Associates (reported in MSN), over half of millionaires surveyed plan to rent luxury goods over the coming year. That includes exotic cars.

Of course, renting a Ferrari every weekend is going to cost a pretty penny. (And there are better things to spend your money on.) But if you want to enjoy an occasional Sunday drive in a Lamborghini or Bentley, renting could be cost-effective.

Where to find your weekend driving machine? Typing “luxury car rentals” into Google yields millions of results. Or you could join an exotic sports car “time share.” Club Sportiva, one such program, offers “driving packages” that begin at $3,500 for 12 days a year.

[Ed. Note: These days, “living rich” is more important than ever. How do you live like a billionaire without spending a lot of money? What are the inexpensive luxuries you enjoy? Let us know.]