“Living Proof” That Investing In Real Estate Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

The profits that can be made in property investing are so extraordinary that you might find them hard to believe. I know, because I used to think that way before I started actually learning about it and doing it. Intellectually, you might accept that it’s possible to buy a $100,000 property with just a few thousand down.

You might understand that, bought right, the property could pay for itself and produce a healthy net cash flow to boot. You might concede that some investors know how to buy at prices that are under market value. You might even admit that you’ve seen properties double in value in a few years. And you might put it all together and say that, yes, on a single property you could — theoretically, at least — turn a few thousand dollars into $100,000 in just a few years (more after amortization and net rents).

From there, you might even fantasize for a moment and wonder what would happen if you could do that two or three times or four times a year? What kind of wealth could you build up? But then negative thoughts creep in. “That just happens to a lucky few,” you tell yourself. “Most people could never do it. I certainly couldn’t. It’s much safer to keep doing what I’m doing.” But the fact is, ordinary people do extraordinary things every day. And if you don’t try, you don’t give yourself a chance to become successful.

Nowhere is that truer than in real estate. The following letter is proof of that. ETR reader Cheryl Snow recently wrote to ETR in reaction to a promotion she read about Main Street Millionaire, my real-estate investment program. Here is what she had to say: Dear Folks, I want you to know that I just read all (almost!) of the Justin Ford pitch for Main Street Millionaire. I am living proof that what is being pitched here is true. In case you have some doubters bugging you about the veracity of this angle, send them my way — all my original goals have been met thru real estate.

My story is long, but the highlights are:

1. I’m a 54-year-old woman with no particular business skills, not much of a risk-taker, and kinda lazy.

2. With very small investments upfront (downs of 8% or less + closing costs), I have purchased, sold, and rented 8 single-family houses over the past 16 years — all in low-income, working-class areas.

3. All my investments increased in value 35% – 500% (yes! true!) since purchase.

4. I have NEVER lost money on real estate. Tenants pay all routine ongoing costs. I never buy without a positive cash flow. We invested a few thousand on improvements in a couple of the properties, although this was recovered at sale.

5. Real estate has — by far — been my best investment. Although I’ve never lost invested principal in stocks (I’m not a risk-taker!), I saw my portfolio value drop precipitously during the bubble-burst. But my real estate portfolio kept on chugging!

6. I have not had to work full-time for 16 years.

7. Real estate investments allowed us to purchase our dream house in the country: 25 acres of woods & meadows, 1/4 mile stream-front, 3,200 sq. ft. home, 2 fireplaces, 8 skylights, total privacy. It cost $165,000 10 years ago, and is now valued at $1.25 mil.

8. I currently run my rental business part-time, out of my home office, doing work I love, am great at, and what I was meant to do. My time is my own to schedule as I please.

9. All this accomplished with only 8 purchases. And, being kinda lazy, I have been thinking of bagging the rental biz & moving into loaning cash on first-position trust deeds, a tactic I learned from my then-73-year-old mother-in-law, who made her fortune in real estate with only a 6th grade education. (Now THERE’S a story!) Anyway, been meaning to say “thank you.”

I entered your arena through the gateway of the AWAI copywriting course, which I’ve found fascinating. I’ve been reading ETR since last fall, as well as The Golden Thread. I have learned a lot from both these newsletters, and thoroughly agree with the values and concepts expressed. Thanks for enriching my life. — Cheryl Snow

Cheryl is an example of a person who focused on what is possible. By doing that, she’s actually achieved more than she probably ever imagined she could. If you would like to learn more about how you can meet all your goals through real estate . . . and get a zero-risk, discounted subscription to the Main Street Millionaire Real Estate Investment Program . . . click here.