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Why You Should Live Rich

You know, I’m not sure exactly what motivated me to buy “it”, but I’m glad I did. That little decision inspired me to write one of my favorite, most inspirational emails ever.

The “it” that I bought was a “The Robb Report”, a magazine I often think about picking up in airports, but never do – until last week.

For some reason, I grabbed a copy in the Miami airport when I was returning from Nicaragua. Perhaps it was the influence of the affluence I had been around all week.

My colleagues at the private resort of Rancho Santana on the Pacific Ocean included over a half-dozen Internet millionaires, including one gentleman who owned over 400 leather travel bags, and another business associate worth over $500 million.

Whatever the reason, I decided to grab the Robb Report for some easy reading to relax with on the flight home.

On the cover was a picture of a Ferrari, and for some reason it made me think of my friend, Internet “Young Gun”, Alex Maroko.

I thought about emailing him, and asking what cool new projects he had going on, and what fun adventures he’d been getting into a young, six-figure Internet entrepreneur down in sunny San Diego, living the life.

I love talking to Alex because he’s living the life (that he’s earned by delivering value to his thousands of clients).

As I looked at that picture of the Ferrari, I thought, “That would be great if Alex got one of these one day.”

That’s where last Monday’s email all started.

I started writing the email for him, and then parts of it for my friends Bedros Keuilian and Isabel De Los Rios, particularly the parts about how proud their parents are of them and their success…

Bedros specifically, because he arrived in America in the 80’s as a dirt poor immigrant, dumpster diving for food, and is now an incredible success story (again, because he adds extreme value to the lives of his clients).

Of course, I also wrote that email for YOU and your dreams.

And I wrote it in about 3 minutes on my Blackberry because it is something I’m so passionate about.

That Robb Report sure came through with some great inspiration. The best seven bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

And that leads to the first lesson of today…Treat yourself to living rich once in a while.

It might mean going out to dinner at an expensive restaurant, or buying the Robb Report to daydream, or renting a fancy car.

There are several good reasons to do it.

First, you’ll be inspired to reach for greater heights.

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting – and DESERVING – finer things in life.

After all, if someone can – and loves – to create expensive Ferrari’s, what’s wrong with wanting to own one?

Not only does it give you some pleasure, but it also rewards the talents of the engineers, designers, and salespeople who work at Ferrari.

There is NOTHING wrong with that, no matter what any politician or protestor says. They can bug off and let you live your own life the way you want – and deserve – to.

Go for it. Treat yourself. Learn from the experience.

For example, if you go to a fancy restaurant, pay attention.

How did the sommelier explain the wine selection to you? What words did they use to persuade you to try a wine? How did they make you feel after your selection?

There are BIG lessons in experiences like this.

Just as there were from the Robb Report.

You know, one strange “living rich” adventure I like to do on a regular basis is to check into high-end hotels, even here in my home city of Toronto.

(It’s a FANTASTIC idea for a moderately priced romantic excursion with your loved one. Try it sometime.)

In fact, I just booked a night at the new Trump Hotel here in Toronto. I’ll be paying attention to the way they greet me, to how the room is arranged, to how they try and upsell me additional amenities.

It’s all a business expense anyway, you know (or at least that’s what I tell my accountant, Bally the Dog – he’ll believe anything as long as you slide him a treat).

NOTE: I’m not an accountant, so don’t take my word for it.

But back to living rich…even for just one day…

Why, in addition to enjoying the experience, am I recommending these living rich adventures?

Because, when you think about it, no one NEEDS luxury. We can all survive without it.

Therefore, as salespeople, and we are ALL salespeople, we need to study folks who sell luxury, because they are selling WANTS, not needs.

We want fancy things, but we don’t need them.

So luxury dealers have to work harder, in most cases, and certainly DIFFERENTLY than people who sell discount items.

Let me know what luxury adventures you try out…and what you learn from them.

You might be surprised to notice that many things that work on the hoi polloi also work on the insanely rich.

For example, going back to the Robb Report…what were the three most common words in all of the advertisements?

1) New
2) Exclusive
3) Free

Yeppers, rich people like free stuff just as much as dirt poor Canadian farm boys do.

Maybe more.

But perhaps the most important word from that list is, “exclusive”.

Almost everyone likes being part of something exclusive.

Is there a way you can work that into your marketing?

By the way, you know who had a full page ad in The Robb Report?

Those guys selling that crazy $15,000 exercise machine.

That thing’s been around for ages, and look who must be buying it…guys who read the Robb Report.

See, advertising works on the rich, too.

Oh, and check out this other company that was advertising in there…

Look what they can do to a Cadillac Escalade. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joel Marion upgrades to one of these someday.

So next time you’re in an airport, bored, and need a magazine for your flight, skip the People magazine and grab a Robb Report…if you’re interested in knowing how the other half lives, try that, not the gossip rag.

No matter what stage in your business you are at, from time to time you must immerse yourself in wealth. Read this mag, fly first class, stay in a fancy hotel.

But when you do, do it as a student of selling.

Learn from it.

Be inspired by it

See what works on them.

Open your eyes to what’s possible.

Expand your mind,

Craig Ballantyne

“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.” – Aristotle Onassis