Liberty Street League & Bootcamp

Last week, we wrote to all the subscribers to our Liberty Street League premium wealth-building newsletter. We were looking for feedback. What they liked, disliked, and their suggestions for new features and services.

The response was tremendous.

Rob Smith from New Zealand complimented us on our first-rate research and compelling recommendations. “Please keep up the good work,” he said.

Cayman Islander Neil Bodden is disappointed that he hadn’t followed our tips sooner. “I only wish, after reading the suggestions in your newsletter, I had invested a year ago instead of losing such a great opportunity to have made money in the past year. I will be following a lot more of your contributors’ suggestions for investments in the future.”

And Robert Schwarztrauber from Buffalo told us he likes that we keep many of our opportunities accessible: “I love the Liberty Street stock investment advice for the ‘little guy’ who doesn’t want to or can’t invest tens of thousands of dollars. I like the conservative approach and ‘inside’ info on what stocks to watch. Of course, I always read Michael’s articles too.”

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out the Liberty Street League.

| Speaking of the Liberty Street League… |

A big gain in Christian Hill’s “World’s Least Expensive Portfolio” comes from L-1 Identity Solutions (ID). With global concerns over airline passenger lists, border crossings, and just keeping track of who is who, the company’s products are in big demand.

The company provides government and private sector companies with the ability to identify individuals through biometric (finger, face, and iris) scans as well as identity credentials.

So it is no wonder that the company became a take-over target recently. A French aerospace engineering firm, Safran, recently announced plans to buy the company in a $1.1 billion dollar deal. This will mean each share held by “World’s Least Expensive Portfolio” followers is worth $12. They bought in around $7.17 a share back in early June, grabbing a 67% gain in only four months.

Christian is always on the lookout for the next big winner. So check out the latest issue of the Liberty Street League newsletter for more of his recommendations.

| Bootcamp Is Just Over the Horizon |

As managing editor of Early to Rise, I read dozens of reader e-mails every week. So I’m pretty familiar with just what kind of people Early to Risers are. But where I really get to know the hopes, goals, and dreams of our best customers is at events like our upcoming Info-Marketing Bootcamp. And I have the added bonus of being able to help those Early to Risers achieve their aspirations.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Everyone at ETR, from Michael Masterson on down, is eager to help Bootcamp attendees with questions big and small about their businesses. And that goes for all the expert speakers we’ve invited as well.

Our reward is when an attendee returns the following year with a full-fledged Internet business. You’ve heard from several of those people in the pages of ETR recently — PJ McClure, for instance, and Pete Genot and Elle Swan. And you’ll get to meet them in person if you come to Bootcamp. I urge you to hear their success stories. They were in your shoes just a short time ago.

| Offer Ends Today |

As we told you earlier this week, American Writers & Artists Inc. (kind of our sister company in that we were both founded by Michael Masterson) is offering Early to Risers an incredible deal on their copywriting training program. The AWAI program was created by Michael Masterson and several of his copywriting colleagues. And its graduates have gone on to make millions for clients (and six-figure incomes for themselves) in just about every industry that advertises. And that includes Early to Rise. (AWAI training is one of the first things we look for in a new copywriter.)

AWAI has knocked down the price to just $197 — from the regular price of $507. And the full one-year guarantee makes signing up a no-brainer.

But that offer ends today. So don’t wait. Find out how learning to write copy could rescue you from the 9-to-5 grind here.

| A Little Lesson From Michael Masterson |

I’ve been to peer reviews (our in-house method for reviewing marketing copy) with Michael Masterson dozens of times. And he’s always saying that good non-fiction writing is 80 percent about delivering fresh ideas and 20 percent about presenting those ideas in simple English so they can be clearly and quickly understood.

So, during a recent peer review, I wasn’t surprised by Michael’s response to this bit of descriptive language: “brushed aside a bead of sweat from his forehead.”

Michael, chuckled, complimented the writer on the imagery. And then said, “It’s always best to move these poetic flourishes out of your ad copy and into the novel you’ve been working on.”