Learn Something New Every Day

Guess what? You don’t know everything.

And MaryEllen Tribby doesn’t either.

If you think I’m being impertinent, please read on…

MaryEllen, as you know, is a successful woman. She’s got 20+ years of publishing and business experience. She’s responsible for more than tripling ETR’s revenues in 15 months. And she’s the co-author of an Amazon.com best-seller.

There’s no doubt she’s an expert in marketing and business building. And she has a lot to teach.

In fact, she let a truly important lesson drop last Wednesday morning, during an informal chat before a meeting.

A couple of ETR staffers had just returned from a search engine marketing conference. They were talking about one of the other conference attendees who’d put up a stink. He was an expert in search engine marketing, he kept saying. And the conference leaders had a lot to learn from HIM – so he wasn’t going to listen to what they had to say.

“I’ve occasionally run into people like that,” MaryEllen said. “They’re accomplished in their careers and, for some reason, think there’s nothing left for them to learn.”

“I hate that attitude. If you get to a point where you believe you know everything, you’re done. You’re just done.

“You can learn something from everyone, every day. Even when I’m speaking at a conference, I always listen to the other speakers’ presentations. Because you never know what useful idea or process you’re going to pick up.”

A big part of being successful is opening yourself up to new ideas, new people, and new experiences. If you’re not always learning – actively – you might as well pack up shop.

If the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company can say she still has things to learn, so do you. So make sure you get out and learn something new – every single day.