Internet Independence Success Story

Today’s a big day for my friend Chris.

He’s come a long way towards creating his financial independence since I met him in the spring of 2003. We were both trainers at a gym here in Toronto, and as a young guy with two kids, he was already hungry to take control of his life and stop depending on a job for his financial security.

But, like it works for most people, his first couple of attempts at starting a web business didn’t go as well as planned. It just didn’t click.

But he wasn’t ready to give up.

He continued to put a lot of work into building relationships with others in his industry.

But the real breakthrough, I think, came when Chris was finally ready to stop forcing things and go with his natural talents and passions. This allowed him to add more VALUE to the marketplace.

Forcing things, and being unable to add value, are problems I see with a lot of people who start website businesses.

They try to fit their round idea into a square hole in the marketplace.

Does that sound familiar?

Do you ever feel like you’re trying to “force it”?

Is there actually something you’d be better off teaching or writing about?

Remember, there are dozens and dozens of ways to succeed on the internet.

You don’t have to do it the same way everyone else does…you can make your own way work.

So back to Chris…

He found his muse…the subject that would allow him to channel his force and focus that best fit his skills and passion, and best connected with the marketplace.

As a result, business is better than ever.

Content is easier to produce and better appreciated by the marketplace. Everything is just a better fit when you’re not forcing it.

These days Chris adds 30-40 people to his email list thanks to search engine traffic, and he makes several sales each day and gets a lot more affiliate support.

Plus, he has days like today…

Today is the first day of a big sale for his fitness product. It’s actually the relaunch of a program he released a few years ago.

He has big affiliates helping him out, and in these 3 days he’ll make more money with his website business than he made in 3 years when he tried to force it.

It’s a big shift in his success all based on these 3 things

1) Following his passions and adding value to a market that wanted more information about his passions

2) Networking and getting a mentor

3) Never ever giving up. <= The big key to success

Proud of him for this.

Check out Chris’ product relaunch website here:


And if you’d like to help Chris out as an affiliate, just contact him here:


A great success story to study,

Craig Ballantyne

“Learn from highly respected people what makes them tick.”
– Frank McKinney