It’s Your Turn Now

It’s only 11:15 a.m. in the morning, but six people have already dropped by the ETR offices to meet with Michael Masterson.

I’m not sure if they’re here for a quick business discussion or just to say “hello.” But I know the names and I recognize the faces. Another thing I recognize is the cars they drive.

Just take a look at what’s been parked in front of the office so far today:

  • a spotless, candy-apple red 2001 Corvette Stingray

  • a white 2005 Lexus LS

  • a special-edition 2004 Harley Davidson F-150 truck

  • a bright yellow 2005 Hummer H2

  • a brand-new navy blue 2005 BMW Z4 roadster

  • a mint-condition 1996 Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo

The interesting thing about this parade of imposing vehicles is that not one of the owners is a Palm Beach trust-fund baby.

Not one of them is a stockbroker or a lawyer or a lottery winner or an athlete or a model. And none of them, as far as I can tell, are especially gifted or unusually talented.

The cars belong to everyday, ordinary, average Joes and Janes who I would be willing to bet each had less than $25,000 to their names seven (or fewer) years ago.

How are they doing today?

  • Ms. Red Corvette, a former secretary, and Mr. White Lexus, an ex-bartender, are each building separate mini real-estate empires.

  • Mr. Blue BMW, an Italian guy who likes to do goofy magic tricks (don’t tell anyone, but he reminds me of Joe Pesci) has his own $12 million-a-year money-making goldmine.

  • Mr. Porsche Turbo immigrated to the U.S. not long ago with $60 in his pocket. This week, he’ll probably earn $20,000 in his import business alone, just by making a couple of phone calls. And he’s been the talk of the town this week because of two mansions he just finished building on spec.

  • Mr. Hummer is not yet 30 years old. Still, he started one business from scratch a few years ago that now pays him $200K a year. That was so much fun, he decided to just do it again. The yellow H2 was a little present to himself when his income passed $400,000 a year.

  • Mr. Harley is a biker who spent the first half of his life wrapped up in self-destructive mode — achieving nothing. Today, he enjoys an income of over $300,000 a year, and has multiple income streams coming in that should soon make that look like peanuts.

I spoke with all of these people at ETR’s Christmas party a few months ago. And I can tell you that they’re all “regular folks.” I see them around town all the time. They tell jokes . . . talk about sports . . . eat far too much dessert. One thing, though — they always seem to be very happy and relaxed.

These people didn’t get where they are today because they are relatives, friends, or charity cases to whom Michael Masterson decided to give “special treatment.”

They got where they are simply because they listened to what the man says.

They listened to what he said about starting a business. He taught them to avoid death-by-overplanning, how to get their first customers and make their first sales, and then how to keep going strong when everyone and everything seemed to conspire against them.

They listened to his advice on buying and selling real estate, under any market conditions.

They paid attention to what he showed them about how to set and reach goals, how to raise their incomes, and how to start getting their wealth to accumulate quickly.

But they did more than just listen to Michael’s advice — they went out and acted on it.

And they all became major successes.

The nice cars, of course, are just toys that are the most obvious signs of wealth. There are other things, though, that I hear about here at the office.

I hear them booking overseas vacations with the folks next door at Agora Travel. I see them working four-day weeks. (No Friday meetings for them!) And I overhear them saying that we probably won’t be seeing them around much in a few more years. Not at work, anyway.

As an ETR reader, you too listen to what Michael Masterson says. But maybe you don’t yet have your Hummer or Porsche or little red Corvette (or whatever else your heart desires that money can buy).

Why not?

Maybe it’s just that his message hasn’t quite gotten through to you.

After all, Michael’s personal proteges — the ones who live and work here in South Florida — do have one advantage. They get to meet and talk with him in person.

If you attended last year’s ETR Wealth Building Bootcamp, you know what a difference that can make. One attendee (a doctor) has since created a second stream of income for himself after a decade of sitting on the sidelines and dreaming about it. “Thanks to [Michael Masterson’s “Automatic Wealth” presentation], I realized exactly how I can achieve my goal,” he told us recently.

And he’s not the only one. We’ve got a whole list of people who tell us their lives were changed by those three days in October.

But perhaps you couldn’t make it to the Bootcamp. And maybe you don’t live nearby or know Michael personally. So . . . how can you give yourself the advantages that Michael’s personal proteges have enjoyed?

Starting today, there is something very simple — but powerful — that you can do.

We are very proud to announce the publication of Michael Masterson’s new book: “Automatic Wealth – Six Steps to Financial Independence” (published by Wiley Press).

This has been a long time coming, and all of us here at ETR are very excited about it. We just got our first copies this morning, via FedEx — and you should be able to see it in your local Borders or Barnes and Noble bookstore this weekend, if you go take a look.

What can “Automatic Wealth” do for you?

It is, quite simply, a 288-page blueprint for getting rich.

The book contains Michael Masterson’s master plan for getting you from wherever you are today, at this very minute, to a life of abundant wealth — all within seven to 15 years. Possibly much sooner.

Some of Michael’s proteges have done it in two or three years. Maybe you will too. (Several people in the ETR office are working on doing it now.)

I could go into detail about what this book can do for you . . . but I won’t. Just get the book and spend a couple of hours reading it to find out for yourself. (It’s only 25 bucks.)

One more thing . . .

The techniques and strategies in this book are the very same ones that Michael has given (and continues to give) to those people in the very nice cars that I see stopping by his office every day.

So, think about it . . .

If a secretary, an immigrant, an Italian magician, and a bartender became wealthy using “Automatic Wealth” . . . is there any reason you can’t too?