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Why Paying Off Your Mortgage Might be a Bad Idea

Why Paying Off Your Mortgage Fast is Only Sometimes a Good Idea

By Chad Champion | 08/8/2018

In 2014, The American Community Survey revealed an alarming statistic: Of all mortgage-paying homeowners in the U.S., the median home loan debt was $122,000. Even worse, the study showed that more than 50% of mortgage-paying home-owners had 2/3 or more to pay of their home’s value. Little surprise, then, that…

9 Ways to Invest in Your Business

The 9 Biggest Business Investment Secrets of 2018

By Jeff Steen | 08/7/2018

Need to boost your revenue? Grow your customer base? Build your influence? Look no further than this tried-and-true advice from ETR Thought Leaders.

How to Delegate Successfully

How to Delegate for Maximum Productivity

By Jeff Steen | 08/7/2018

Entrepreneurs often struggle with scaling because they don’t know how to delegate. Jonathan Cronstedt of Kajabi shares his advice on doing it well.

How to Sell on Instagram

You’re Selling Wrong—But This is How You Fix It Using Instagram

By Craig Ballantyne | 08/6/2018

Stop leaning on outdated email markting methods for sales. It’s time to turn to the biggest lead-generating tool of all: Instagram. Here’s how it works.

My 3 Biggest Success Habits of 2018

The 3 Biggest Success Habits That Are Working for Me This Year

By Ryan Warner | 08/2/2018

ETR contributor and sales guru shares his biggest success habits of 2018—with new approaches to everyday tasks and achieving life’s most important goals.

How to Make the Right Decisions Using the 70% Rule

How to Make Life-Affirming Decisions Using the 70% Rule

By Warren Fowler | 08/1/2018

We all avoid making decisions because we’re afraid of failure or judgment. But with the 70% Rule, you can move ahead without fear of risk.

3-"Set" Solution to Tackle Overwhelming Days

The 3-“Set” Solution for an Overwhelming Life

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/30/2018

Don’t let the chaos of life override what’s most important. Beat back overwhelming days with this simple 3-“Set” Solution.

8 Tips for the Perfect Vacation

8 Travel Hacks for the Best Vacation Ever

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/26/2018

You’re looking forward to your big vacation—you’ve earned it. But how to be sure nothing goes wrong? Here are 8 essential travel tips to make it succesful.

The Complete Guide to Making Money with Stock Options

The Complete Starter Guide to Making Money with Stock Options

By Chad Champion | 07/25/2018

Everyone knows about building a stock portfolio. But few people are aware of the income potential of stock options. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why You'll Never Be Successful—Until You Start Reading

Why You’ll Never Succeed—Until You Start Reading

By David Disiere | 07/24/2018

Books are a form of luxury entertainment, right? Wrong. They fire your imagination, spark creativity, and push you to achieve. Here’s how.

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3 Steps to Growing Your Network by 50 Superstars Every Year

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/23/2018

Networking is where so many entrepreneurs flounder, and yet it’s critical to their success. No longer—here’s how you build a value-driven network.

How to Turn the Tide Against Anxiety and Depression

How to Turn the Tide in the Battle Against Anxiety and Depression

By Pete Cataldo | 07/19/2018

Anxiety and depression are real, and avoiding them only makes them worse. Here’s one writer’s story about the climb out of darkness to happiness and sanity.