Imagine You're At This Party…

Let me set the scene.

It’s Friday, March 2nd and you are hanging around the hotel lobby after the second day of the amazing Underground Online Seminar in Washington.

You wander over to the hotel bar, grab a frosty drink in one hand, with Yanik Silver on your right, Matt Smith to your left, and me staring you straight in the face.

“So,” Yanik starts, “Here’s what I recommend for your unique hook for your business…”

And then he launches into a 5-minute step-by-step guide for helping you create that all-important BIG idea that will separate you from all others in your market.

When he’s finished, you have several notes and a Big A-Ha moment…this is great, you think. Now I finally see the potential for my product and website.

“Matt, what’s the next step for my online success?” you ask.

Well,” Matt says with his trademarked pensive look, “you’re next step is to identify that irresistible offer. The one that will make your clients think, ‘I feel like I’m taking advantage of this person’. If you can get them to feel that way,” Matt continued, “then you’ll have no problem making plenty of sales on your website every single day.”

“Just remember to always be adding value and delivering great content to build that relationship,” he added.

“Let me explain a little bit more about what I mean,” he said, as you both pulled up a chair and sat down with your drinks and a few appetizers.

Five minutes later you thanked him, excused yourself, and hurriedly wrote down all of the golden nuggets that Matt gave you in just a few short minutes.

You also made a great case for why YOU should be chosen for the upcoming hot seat during the Sunday bonus Implementation day with Matt, myself, and Yanik.

“Wow, Craig, this is awesome. Matt and Yanik have been so helpful, and I’ve also met five other attendees who have given me great advice. One fella from Australia said he
would even promote my product,” you say to me.

“That’s fantastic…and the seminar is really just getting going,” I reply. “Make sure to talk to everyone you can, and don’t be late for the Sunday bonus day. I’m starting right at
9am and we’ve got a lot to cover. You’re going to leave with a complete blueprint to ramp up your business to 1000 sales.”

“Sounds excellent,” you reply as I buy you another drink.

“And don’t miss the speakers tomorrow…they all have powerful underground success stories to share…and success secrets too,” I mention between sips of my water.

“Pay close attention to how their stories are told. There are big lessons to be learned there,” I explained. “After all, a secret to online sales success is communicating stories that
your readers or viewers can relate to.”

You quickly scribble that down along with the rest of your invaluable seminar notes from the day, thank me for my help, and move on to speak with another attendee you met earlier in the day.

As you walk over, you’re buzzing. And not from the booze, but from the energy in the room, the potential you can see in your business, and from the positive people you have met in the last 48 hours.

And as I said, the weekend’s really just getting started.

Suddenly you feel a tap on the shoulder…it’s me again.

“Hey, I just wanted to remind you about the importance of the copywriting advice Matt gave you. We were just talking about your business after you left. We think it has huge potential, but…” I trailed off.

“But what?”

“You really need to spend time on that headline. Don’t be impatient with your copy. The headline could be responsible for 80-90% of your success, so you MUST spend extra time on it. If you don’t get the reader’s attention, they won’t read the rest of your sales page. You know what I mean?”

“I got it, Craig. Thanks so much for the reminder. Are you sure I can’t buy you a beer?” you reply.

“No thanks, I’m good. Need to rest up my voice for Sunday morning, you know. But I’ll take a raincheck…save it up for when we celebrate your website success. But I truly appreciate the offer,” I say. “You have a good night now.”

Immediately a light bulb goes off in your brain, you write down a great idea for your headline and realize it’s the missing piece of the puzzle. One of your biggest problems already solved!

Then you stop by another group, where an animated Brendon Burchard is pumping up a couple of attendees with stories of how he hit the NY Times best-sellers list by using Internet product launch secrets with his book release.

You grab some great marketing tips for your own launch, and head over to finally introduce yourself to another attendee you’ve read about everywhere.

After introducing yourself and telling him what you do, he says, “Hey, we might be able to work together on a joint venture. It could be a good fit.”

Whoa. What a surprise. This one could be worth big bucks.

Suddenly you realize that even though it’s 12:30, the room is
still buzzing with energy.

People are still sharing tips and moving their conversations to the lobby…it just seems like no one wants to shut it down yet, not when there is so much more networking to do, even though the seminar starts up again at 9am.

But that’s how Underground goes down.

Want this story to come to life?

Join us at Underground here in March

OR maybe you’ve chosen the other option…

…and you’re NOT going to the Underground Online event.

Here’s how that will look:

You’re sitting at home. Tired, frustrated, and beat from another long day – trying not to get sucked into CSI on TV because you know you have to prepare for work, make all your meals, and wash your work shirt all before you hit the sack at 11:30pm so you can get up at 6:30am in preparation for another 12 hour day tomorrow.

(Insert “Wah-wah-wah” sad trombone sound.)

But hey, you saved a few bucks by not going to the greatest Internet business seminar ever, so you did the right thing.



Yeah, right.

I’ll leave you to convince yourself of that, because we’ll all be too busy sharing success tips that weekend in Washington.

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Craig Ballantyne

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