Internet Marketing Questions

This past weekend, at the legendary Fontainebleau Hotel
in Miami Beach (the same one featured in the Bond movie,
“Goldfinger”), I had a chance to talk with legendary
marketer Michael Masterson.

(I acquired Masterson’s business, Early to Rise, back
in July of this year.)

Masterson described what he been trying to do with ETR,
saying, “The more info I could get out to help our
readers, the more they would improve.”

And that’s the same approach I’m taking here at
Internet Independence for you.

After all, it wasn’t many years ago that the Monday to
Saturday, 6-days per week, 6am to 8pm trainer lifestyle
was wearing me down.

Sure, I enjoyed working with a lot of my clients, but
not as much as I enjoyed working on my info publishing
business at night (and for those 20-30 minutes first
thing in the morning).

Back when I worked for someone else, each weekend always
had a bit of dark cloud hanging over it, one that got
bigger and darker as Sunday afternoon turned into
Sunday evening.

You’ve probably felt what I’m talking about…I called
it, “Monday Anxiety”.

It settles in around 8 or 8:30 on Sunday evening, and
strengthens with every minute you sit watching TV or
movies with your family.

And then it hits you around 10 or 10:30pm. A full-blown
attack of Monday anxiety that leaves you wide awake, even
when you want to fall asleep the most.

So you toss and you turn. And it only gets worse, because
Monday keeps on getting closer. There’s nothing you can do
about it.

Or is there?

As little as 15, or even 10 years ago, there really wasn’t
anything you could do.

And then along came the Internet.

It was 1998 when, as a lowly graduate student, I recognized
the potential of using the Internet to connect with readers
all over the world.

The key was providing amazing content.

Unfortunately, I didn’t crack the code for several more years,
and it was still a few more years after that until I was
independent, but the good news is that because of everything
I’ve gone through, YOU can get to independence much faster.

And so that brings me to today’s question:

What do you need to know about setting up your business in
order to create internet independence for you and your family?

Is it…

– Finding the right market
– Developing the right product
– Getting visitors to your website
– Convincing those visitors to become clients
– Or something else…there are a ton of topics we can cover

Just let me know in the comments section below.

Alright, time to get back to writing on my exciting new
report, “The Future of the American Dream” where I’m
predicting what will happen to opportunity in 2012.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised, somewhat shocked, and
unfortunately, even slightly disappointed by the specifics
of what I have to say.

BUT…it’s much more optimistic than what you might expect
given all the negativity of the government.

Stay tuned for that soon. It’s a project I’m really
proud of…boy, do I love this job these days.

No more Monday Anxiety.

And while my life still involves work and sacrifice, I
now look forward to each and every Monday as much, if not
MORE than any other day of the week.

All thanks to the Internet.

In the meantime, let me know your biggest questions about
building your Internet business in the comments section below.

Keep pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne

“I shall shape my future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no
man’s doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle
before me. Or I can be lost in the maze. My choice. My
responsibility. Win or lose; only I hold the key to my destiny.”
Og Mandino

  • Hi Craig,

    I`m in the process of developing products for a new online personal training business, specifically “abs” products. I have offline testimonials but need help in the online world making myself stand out? Unique? How do I go about gaining a unique angle so I`m remarkable? Thanks. Rob.


    Hi, Craig
    First off I love all the work you do, your an inspiration really!
    I subscribe to your Turbulence Training, ETR, II and you ALWAYS pump out great and useful information that’s motivating and inspiring.

    I want your job, plain and simple.

    My first goal that I need help with is I want to start my own internet consulting business on the topic of fitness (fatloss/recomp/strength and conditioning)

    I’m reading some books right now from Alan Weiss and it’s sinking in.

    My question is – if you were in my situation, what would your plan of attack in regards starting TODAY ?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hola Craig & Matt,
    I’ve been a ETR & Sovereign Man subscriber for a while now. We are living in Ajijic Mexico on Lake Chapala in the central highlands of Mexico. We used to live in Belize and worked for Joel Nagel trying to sell his Gran Baymen condo projects, pretty darn hard to pre-sale what isn’t being built and probably never will at this time. I’m trying to survive here and we hope to never have to return the US except to see my daughter.
    I’m publishing an expat site called and sell health and auto insurance online too.
    I want to start a dialog with you about assisting me in better monetizing our site.
    We rank in the top 2 % for all sites relating to Mexico and presently over 35 search terms we are on page one and climbing weekly. We have over 900 indexed articles with 65 plus back links to relevant sites. We doubling our list every 30 days right now, it’s around 1,500 or more. We get about 10-15 new ones daily and burst after we do a news-letter which comes out every Saturday.
    We are selling referral services to realtors in selected areas in Mexico for 25% of any paid commissions. We also offer global travel & medical insurance and specialty medical coverage for here in Mexico. Auto, RV, Marines, etc as well.
    We are presently referring our readers to Larry Baldwin of Heritage Trust and Jeff Schneider of Open Opportunity IRA. for fee splits and of course Sovereign Man.
    We need to take action ASAP and I just couldn’t get it together before. I’m scrambling here to keep us offshore permanently and Deb’s money has just been sitting at least I got her out the ING funds that were tanking.
    I don’t have to tell you about the shit storm in the US. I took a terrible hit form my ranch being in escrow for 12 months falling out and now it’s worth 50% less and they are no buyers. Sold my sales and construction business to 2 clowns who proceeded to both get divorced and bankrupt the business inside of a year leaving me involved with lawsuits from old clients and no money coming in from the sale, So we just packed it in and moved to Belize to try to start over.
    We love living outside of the US, this is a permanent lifestyle for us now. Not sure if I can make the Chile event or not I will certainly sign-up. We have friends there now and the pics and their description of life there seems like a doable plan moving forward.
    Please let me know what we can do to begin to work with you. Thank you,
    Larry Crowson
    Gringos in Paradise
    Expat Insurance Plans


    (888)300-4368 Vonage Toll Free US & Canada
    (971)322-1111 US Vonage Direct Office line
    (333)-171-780 Mexico Cell
    (376)765-3728 Home office
    (541)610-1665 E-Fax

  • Dwight Southerland

    Craig – I have been receiving your daily emails for overe a year and have been intrigued. I am making my first steps into planning an internet business. A question I have wondered about for some time is, how many people can you verify that have followed your plan and been successful? (I define successful as creeating an internet based business that produces a net income of more than $50K/yr)

  • Jim

    Hi Craig,

    I enjoy what you bring to the table in terms of honest to goodness internet business insights…

    I find a lot of short term money making guidance out there, everywhere, but I would like some real winning case studies, and critical details, for setting up a winning “authority website,” with depth of content that is driven to truly capture a chosen market; and how to effectively work long tail keywords per page, site organization – how to organize topics/pages, lead capture, a blog, autoresponder email, etc… into it,

    Merry Christmas!

  • Lela

    Hi Craig,
    I’m really very interested in starting a web based business and have been very inspired by you in the recent months. My main concerns are finding the right market and product. I feel at somewhat of a loss of what I “have” to sell. Yet, as a life coach and a life of experiences and travel, know I just haven’t found a creative way to see my niche. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I’ve become hungrier for the freedom and possibility of what a net based business has to offer. I feel you are doing an amazing job personally but also as mentor in this field. Thanks much 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Here’s an answer I gave to another reader with a similar question:

      Frankly, the answer is simple.

      Solve a problem.

      There are many, many, many unsolved problems in the world.

      Let’s think about some great products.

      1) The iPod.

      The problem: I want to listen to all my favorite songs, not
      just one CD at a time…and I want to have something much
      more compact than a CD player.

      The solution: The beautiful iPod.

      Market advantage: Function + aestethics

      2) Turbulence Training

      The problem: Too many people are wasting their time in the
      gym using out-dated and ineffective workout programs.

      The solution: My workout system that helped people get more
      results in less time without boring cardio.

      Market advantage: My expertise, credibility (being a Men’s
      Health contributor), and scientific-research to support it,
      plus word-of-mouth from great results.

      3) TOMS shoes

      The problem: Children in 3rd world need shoes

      The solution: With every pair of TOMS shoes you purchase,
      TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

      Market advantage: Philanthro-capitalism approach attracts PR
      and word-of-mouth.

      4) Life in Chile: A Former American’s Guide for Newcomers
      by Dr. John Cobin

      The problem: I need to get out of the USA before they throw
      me in Gitmo.

      The solution: Here’s a guide to living in Chile.

      Market advantage: Written by a former American with experience
      and connections to a hungry audience.

      5) Financial Independence Monthly

      The problem: People want to start an Internet business but
      don’t know how.

      The solution: A low-cost, monthly newsletter (plus additional
      fast start coaching guides) that show people how to create a
      website business from anywhere in the world.

      Market Advantage: My experience, my affiliate connections, an
      irresistible offer, a unique selling method, and a hungry
      audience at Early to Rise.

      I hope these examples give you some ideas.

      It really is this simple, but then again, I’m an entrepreneur
      and I predominantly hang around other entrepreneurs who see
      opportunity in everything.

      If all of this problem-solution-profit mindset thinking is
      new to you, then I suggest expanding your social and business
      circle to connect with more entrepreneurs.

      I hope you can also make it to Yanik’s Underground 8 seminar,
      and you should stay for my bonus day, called, “From Your 1st
      Sale to Your 1000th Sale”.

  • I have been struggling for three years to get my message across to sufficient viewers to build a business online. The problem seems to be that my message is not the one the general public wants to hear. I have a small following for my blog, but even they don’t want to relate or tell me what they would like to learn.

    I am 63 and have seen both ends of life. I have a young, physically fit approach to life, but I sense that my young site visitors don’t want to hear how to avoid the dangers of aging — and fans my own age don’t care to hear my views on the healthy energy drink market which their social conditioning has taught them to reflexively refuse to consider.

    It is hard to satisfy a slice of a market that won’t communicate with me. I suppose I should just shut up about what I think they *need* to know and give them what they’re eager to pay for (if I could figure out what that is). But that’s not what I got into this for — I want to help people in my unique way, but I do need to earn a living from this.

    I congratulate you on your success, Craig, and I would appreciate any tips you an give me in my search for a way to earn a good living doing what I love.

  • Hey There Craig,

    I currently have a blog in spanish abouth healthy and fit living, giving advises about nutrition, excercises, motivation and tips in general to have a healthier life and in shape.

    I’m having about 20k visits per month and have a list of aorund 500 people and growing each day (10 new/day in average).

    I would like to create an eBook based on this topics but I’m having a hard time, specially since I’m no nutritionist or certified trainer.

    so any idea or help you can provide on this would be much appreciated 🙂


    • Anonymous

      Dennis, have you looked at promoting the Spanish versions of The Diet Solution program, the Truth about abs, Fat Burning Furnace, and turbulence training?

  • OnMyWay

    I’ve recently purchased an existing eCommerce business. I’m in the process of re-doing the web site, etc. My advice to entrepreneurs is never to underestimate the complexity of such an undertaking. You’ll need to work with lawyers, accountants, web designers, write a plan, etc., etc. It’s nice to think that you can throw up a web site and start making money. But in my experience, it’s rarely that simple.

  • Logistical legal and financial details: how to set up accounts so other assets are safe, how do clients pay, what disclaimers need to be provided, etc. Stuff like that so that one doesn’t end up successfully sued or otherwise put in an unfortunate situation that could easily have been avoided with some sound advice.

  • Jay

    What do you need to know about setting up your business in
    order to create internet independence for you and your family?

    How to develop the right product and convince subscribers to buy it. I think that’s the most important part (because you’ve written a lot about traffic so it’s not such a big deal now).

  • Hi Craig and readers of IntInd!

    For me, my biggest struggle is to understand how my knowledge and experience can be translated in something that delivers value to other people. I assert I’m knowledgeable in certain areas, but the transtion from my brain /experience to a product / service / tangible that conveys this value to others is killing me.

    If you could guide me through a way to demistify this issue, I’ll be on my way to generate value to other people’s life. I’m looking at Pagan’s articles and products .. they seem to be the closest to what I’m looking for.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work.

  • Stephen Bond

    Spooky one Craig: the name of the girl in ‘Goldfinger’ who was painted gold in the Fontainebleau Hotel was (Jill) Masterson. BTW, having a surname like mine requires this sort of trivia retention ….it helped being a precocious reader at an early age too. My great respect for your work: thank you. Not sure how I will apply it at this stage but you’re helping to lay the foundations. With appreciation.

    • Anonymous

      Stephen, nice catch, that is kind of an odd coincidence.

  • Bec

    Hi Craig
    I’ve read your information before when I was doing a stint in network marketing. I did fairly well with this business but got severely burnt out – so much so, on ceasing the business I didn’t turn on the computer let along surf the internet for about 6 months! After I got myself back together again I hit the 9-5 market again and followed the old path of an employee. It’s actually been great these last 18 months as I have had no demands or the like.

    However, I’m not coming back to my senses (literally!) and not only do I need more stimulation and challenge but I certainly need my freedom back. But this has to come with replacement of the income I’m already receiving, then elevating and accelerating it of course.

    I have knowledge in many sectors but my passion (for want of a better word) seems to be in body and mind health – a broad subject to say the least. My requirement is to be able to find that valuable and essential product for my clients whilst making sure I still remain involved in a subject that I enjoy. Plus retaining my time rich status!!

    Thanks Craig.

  • Bec

    Oops – just read my post and wish I could edit it! 1 spelling mistake and 1 gramatical error….. I meant to say in the first para “let alone surf the internet” rather than “let along”.
    Plus in the second para I meant to say “However I am coming back to my senses” rather than “I’m not coming back to my senses” – hahaaa!!
    Sorry Craig – if you can amend these that would be fab – thank you!

  • I agree with one of the other folks that I am unsure how to use my knowledge/expertise in a way that benefits folks and creates earnings. I still love helping other people with their health and fitness goals but being a horse doctor and not a human doctor was an issue as well as split intentions between my veterinary practice and IM ventures. So I had to look at what was giving me a return on investment and where my gifting and talents lie (which is my equine chiropractic/acupuncture). This has created new momentum in my life and I am moving forward such that I am moving my practice to a different area that is more receptive to my alternative approach to horse health.

    But I still would like to pursue at least promoting my land business online and still open to ways to help others via the internet.

    Congratulations on all your new ventures, Craig. Your integrity and persistent hard work are reaping rewards. Thank You!