Business Protection Interview with Internet Lawyer Mike Youngs

As a kid, I remember watching an episode of the Little Rascals, where Alfalfa was being spanked by his father, and just as he was about to spank the little rascal, the old man said, “This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.”

The joke was, of course, that Alfalfa had hidden a book in his pants, and so his father hurt his hand when he went through with the spanking.

Haha. Funny.

Well, there’s nothing funny about the conversation I had yesterday with an internet attorney.

But it was a serious conversation we needed to have – and one that you need to listen to.

And believe me, having this type of conversation makes me more uncomfortable than it will probably make you. I don’t know why, but I hate thinking about “worst case scenarios”.

Regardless, the attorney I spoke to, Mike Youngs, provided a ton of great information, and we recorded the call for you.

In this hour long audio, you’ll discover how to protect your website business, how to avoid partnerships-gone-wrong, how to protect the money you earn, and how to stop other people from getting you in trouble with your website business.

Go to this link and listen to the call:


NOTE: As Mike says on the call, this is not legal advice, nor is a substitute for discussing anything with your attorney. If you have followup questions, you can probably hire Mike through his site, but I sure as heck can’t help you.

So, in the call, we covered:

1) How would someone get in trouble with the website copy on their site?

2) How much protection is offered by an “atypical results” disclaimer?

3) Interesting info on why some scam sites get away with all their b.s. without the government going after them – and how you can use this info to protect your ethical business

4) Reasons to avoid single opt-in

5) His advice for email affiliate promos – including a big tip he gave to improve my disclosure

6) Promoting stuff on FB and Twitter

7) Your role in dealing with “affiliates-gone-wild”

8] His thoughts on the future of “internet taxes”

9) His thoughts on partnerships

10) How to watch out for copyright trolls

11) The effectiveness of an e-book disclaimer in lawsuits

12) The most common mistakes website biz owners make, including experienced biz owners

13) The best way to sleep soundly at night when you have an internet business in a highly scrutinized industry

14) The #1 rule that we must follow if we want to keep what we earn

Take action and put these precautions in place so that you avoid getting “put over someone’s knee” because your website wasn’t protected.

If you have any follow up questions, make sure to check out Mike’s book or website here:


I am obviously not an attorney,

Craig Ballantyne

This is not legal advice. This is not legal advice. This is not legal advice. This is not legal advice. This is not legal advice. This is not legal advice. This is not legal advice. This is not legal advice. This is not legal advice.