Insider Report: Starting With a Big Bang

“I really want this first advisory to be a sure-bet homerun,” I told Michael Masterson.

“And I want your 99th recommendation to be better than your first one,” Michael shot back. “But I know what you mean. It’s natural to want your first pick to be special.” We were talking about The Wealth Advantage, my new investment advisory service for ETR that recommends extraordinary stock opportunities combining safety with huge upside. My problem wasn’t that I couldn’t find any companies that showed every indication of living up to that promise.

My problem was that I had several. How to choose? Should I go with the company that got a groundbreaking deal from the Chinese government? Or the company led by some of the smartest people in the industry? (It turned from the darling to the dope of Wall Street because of one disappointing quarterly report.) Or the company just out of bankruptcy (and going for a pittance) with a failsafe plan to take its market by storm? Not to mention a few others I also had pegged as gigantic winners … I finally found my “homerun” – a company that owns assets worth at least 10 times more than the $100 million its stock goes for.

What sealed the deal is that they’re also in a sector that’s suffering from chronic shortages. And it doesn’t hurt that the company is now taking the first steps toward tapping its most exciting asset … one that could yield billions and billions of dollars. Hey, I can’t help sounding excited about this company. Its growth potential is off the charts. And it (along with the other picks I’m making that are just waiting to break through the gates) is now available to anyone interested in joining our elite trading service.

I find these companies, research them, talk to their honchos, and sift through the mounds of material on them. And I get more and more excited as I draw closer to that moment when I know I’ve nailed a great investment opportunity. And, as corny as this sounds, the best part is that I get to shout “Eureka!” to all my subscribers. (That’s so much more satisfying than sharing my finds with just my wife, sister-in-law, and overbearing editor!)

(Ed. Note: Andrew Gordon, ETR’s financial expert, is the editor of our new investment service, The Wealth Advantage. Join now and you’ll get a free special report on three of Andrew’s “finds” – companies that have the very real potential of giving you up to 1,000 percent on your investment.)