Important Internet Info For Your Privacy

I’ve received a LOT of emails asking just what the heck I was doing in Panama. Great question.

I was teaching the basics of Internet Independence and how to make money online at the Sovereign Man Conference, held by my friend & business partner, Simon Black from

The main focus on the conference was on helping attendees “plant multiple flags” to take care of their financial assets. But that’s way beyond the scope of this email.

However, I did an interview with Simon on an important topic that you’ve probably never, EVER thought of…

“Your website and email privacy and protection”

I decided to interview Simon about this topic after I heard about authorities shutting down people’s websites literally overnight, without warning or explanation.

You never know what might happen.

I wanted to get to the bottom of this, and the only I person I knew who would have the answers was Simon.

In this free call, Simon shows you how to protect your business from “those” who have the power to shut it down.

Serious stuff, and I know you’ll get a lot out of it…particularly if you still have your home address included on every email you send out to your subscribers (you know who you are and you better remove that ASAP!).

You can listen here:

=> Online Website and Email Privacy Audio and Report

Now I’ll admit, I’m new to some of this as well, and I’m working on the changes that Simon suggested in our call.

So I had to ask Simon for recommendations on off-shore web hosting and domain registration, and here’s what he gave me:

1) in Estonia

2) in Switzerland

3) is in Norway

4) is in Toronto (easy switch for Americans)

5) in Panama

6) in Estonia

These will make more sense after you listen to our call here:

=> Simon Black Website Privacy Audio & Report

Let me know if you have any other sources.

Stay safe,

Craig Ballantyne

“There are two ways to sleep well at night – be ignorant or be prepared.” – Simon Black