Immediate Confidence Boost — Better Than Slipping On Your Skinny Jeans

“You are so beautiful… I just had to tell you.”

I said this to a gal at the gym the other day… because it was true.

What an incredible impact it had — on both of us!

After a moment of shock, she accepted my sincerity. It was clear she left the interaction feeling more buoyant and poised with self-assurance.

But what really amazed me was that I too felt buoyant and poised with self- confidence. Though I was already feeling great the shift post-compliment was palpable. I felt lighter, stood taller, and I noticed I was smiling more and my eyes felt like they were twinkling!

“We rise by lifting others.” — Robert Ingersoll

Later we chatted again and she said that my comment had simply made her whole day — “I really needed a boost,” she confided.

Wow — what an incredibly simple way to make a difference not only in another but also in myself.

The influence random acts of kindness have on our psyche fascinates me.

Simple praise, appreciation, recognition, or celebration for each other’s uniqueness, beauty, strength, intellect, or even choice in outfit, can create a monumental shift in our internal environment.

We all experience down days. We don’t feel fit enough, smart enough, attractive enough, or adequately engaged in life. The internal environment — the beliefs we hold about ourselves — play out in our external behaviors, reactions, and interactions.

Arrow purple  By complimenting another person you:

  • Give them permission to re-write the truth about themselves — that they are attractive, smart, funny, capable, and a snappy dresser!
  • Open the door for positivity to flood out meek or even destructive energy. In its place flows a confident and dynamic presence in both of you.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to become mindful, perceptive, and more deeply connected with yourself and others.
  • You learn a valuable lesson on how to easily pull yourself out of the vortex of inner negativity keeping you stuck in stressful thought patterns that affect your health, energy, and outlook on life.
Arrow purple  How to Get an Immediate Confidence Boost:
  1. Open your eyes to observe the people around you.
  2. Find the amazing qualities they possess.
  3. Tell them about their beautiful eyes, stunning smile, cool fashion sense, kind spirit, or magnetic energy. Be generous and sincere in your praise of another’s attributes.

When you begin to create a habit of kindness, generosity, and goodwill in the world, you will be rewarded with joy and gratitude that boosts your self-confidence better than any pair of perfectly fitted skinny jeans ever could!

A genuine compliment has a domino effect. Become an ambassador of kindness and you will reap immeasurable benefits.