The I Love Marketing Interview with Craig Ballantyne

One of my favorite lines from Seinfeld is…

“Now see, this is what the holidays are all about. Three buddies, sitting around, chewing gum, huh?”- Kramer

And I’ve almost replicated that for you today.

But instead, you get three guys sitting around a tiny laptop in a hotel room talking about marketing. Me, Joe Polish, and Dean Jackson recently recorded an interview for their “ILoveMarketing” podcast.

And you can listen to it here

Put it on your ipod/iphone for traveling this holiday season, grab yourself a pack of your favorite gum, and start chewing.

You’ll discover…

1) The ‘odd’ thing I do in bed at 430 am (did it this AM!)

2) What book you should read to help you let loose

3) The “character” I channel when writing

All that and more from three guys showing you what the holidays are all about…

Listen to it here:

Craig Ballantyne

  • Hey Craig,
    So I’m listening to this interview right now, and just had some follow up questions based on your comments on creating content. First, you mentioned having to get used to writing essays on Early to Rise, whereas you were always used to writing lots of emails. I tend to be the opposite. I’m used to writing essays, but am terrible at creating a lot of content quickly (both in terms of writing quickly and roughly as well as coming up with a lot of ideas for a lot of content). Any advice? The second question is somewhat related. It’s been suggested to me in the past that, in trying to write content in an area that you don’t know much about, it’s a better strategy to bring together content from others who are experts in that field. Obviously, like with finding affiliates, not being firmly established makes it hard to find writers, but it’s hard to get firmly established without having those writers. Do you have any suggestions for beating this cycle? Thanks!