How to Sell to Seniors Online

Thank you for your feedback on the Internet Independence Transformation Contest. I’ve received a lot of replies from folks like this…

Just saw the interview post. Thanks! This contest is the kick I need to get back up to speed. Thanks again Craig!

That’s exactly what I wanted (and expected) to see. This transformation contest is the motivation you’ve been missing to finally take massive action in your business.

I’m looking forward to your results. Here’s another person who is excited to enter the contest, and had the first question to kick off today’s QnA:

Q: Great idea! Could be the exact kinda challenge I need…any recommendations for shopping carts? Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike, Clickbank and 1shoppingcart are both fine, and are two of the best places to get started. The major benefits of Clickbank are that you do not need a merchant account, it costs only $50 to get started, and Clickbank has a large affiliate network that you can tap.

There are downsides too, of course, but Clickbank is one of my favorite ways to get started, and I sell the majority of my products with it. is also good, but you’ll need your own merchant account, but you can sell higher priced items, control your affiliates, and it’s easier to sell physical products (not just downloadable products) with 1SC.

I’ll discuss these in more detail in a future article.

Q: Hi Craig, since you are selling digital products I was wondering if illegal file sharing has become an issue? Thanks, Julian

I know filesharing occurs, but there is nothing I plan to do about it.

Most customers are still honest and I do not know of a convenient way to stop it. Now I know that there are methods, but it would dramatically increase the amount of customer
service, and therefore, I doubt it would be worth the effort.

In my opinion, people who steal the product were never true customers in the first place. If they couldn’t get it for free, they wouldn’t have bought it.

Now I could be wrong about that, and so here’s what I’ve done:

a) I’ve made the stolen product (i.e. all of my products) so good that they’ll want more

b) I’ve included links back to my other sites and products in all of my products

c) And I’ve created over 100 products that they’ll keep hearing about, plus I’ve made it convenient to get all of the products in one (safe) place online, so they’ll choose that instead of risking their online security with filesharing and going through the hassle of searching for every file.

So now I’ve gone from worrying about illegal filesharing to looking at it as giving them a free sample, and knowing they will eventually become true customers if they are really interested in the product.

Q: Hi Craig, and thanks for your emails. I’ve been in business for eight years and never been able to make a go of it. But I love my seniors and I love what I do so much I don’t want to quit. I cannot discover how to let folks know that I have their medicine for 66%-83% off. I work with the best pharmaceutical people in the world too. Seniors are not on line.  Should I throw in the towel? – Vince

Vince didn’t believe me when I said seniors ARE online, after all, my mom (aged 69) spends about an hour online every day, downloading recipes from Rachel Ray.

So I went to Jesse Cannone, one of the most organized and methodical business owners in the fitness industry, and asked him for help.

Jesse runs and knows that market inside and out. Here’s what Jesse said:

“There are several ways to reach the older demographic online, and yes, they are certainly there…we have thousands of customers over the age of 70 (many over 90!).

“One way is with Facebook… the fastest growing segment of users on FB are women over age 55. See the stats here:

=> Facebook Shows Fasting Growing Market is Women Over 55

“Another approach is to go to sites that older users visit…several ways to find these sites… use tools like or and you’ll find there are dating sites, social network sites, media sites, etc all targeting the senior audience.

“You can then write articles, run banner ads, email ad buys, etc.

“Don’t forget SEO… you can target the senior market with SEO by providing content about your topic but targeted to seniors.

“Another possibility is with PPC ads… while most ppc networks don’t offer age targeting, you can target in your ad copy…for example:

Back Pain? Over 70 yrs old?
Free report shows you how to
get rid of nagging back pain

“Just a quick example and certainly not my best copy but you get the idea.

“Those are just a few quick ways that pop into my mind but should be enough to be dangerous :)”

Thanks Jesse. And if I can give a quick plug for Jesse…

First, he has one of the best “free gift” lead generation offers going, that EVERY online marketer must study (and go through the order process too to learn everything). Go here:


Second, his affiliate program is one of THE best, because it codes your affiliate-driven visitors for life, and you get commissions on ALL of the products they buy, including recurring products. Every online marketer will learn a ton from Jesse’s affiliate area here:


And almost every market – even non-fitness markets – can make sales with Jesse’s product because every market has people who suffer from back pain.

Q: So about this contest, how does it work?

The Internet Independence Transformation Contest is your chance to show off the dramatic improvements and changes you make in your business over the next 6 weeks.

Here are the simple steps to participating:

1) Take before photos of your account (you can get free screencapture or screen recording video software online)

2) Take massive action in your website business over the next 6-weeks to get more traffic, more newsletter optins, and more customers

3) Take after photos of your account

4) Write up a 300 word (minimum) report on what you did to achieve your success

5) Reply to this email to submit your entry before the end of day on Friday, May 27th.

That’s it.

Let the best transformation win,

Craig Ballantyne

“Do what you do so well — and so uniquely — that people can’t resist telling others about you.” – Walt Disney

“The fine print” for our contest:
No purchase necessary. As there’s nothing to purchase anyways. All winning entries will be required to answer a skill testing question. That skill testing question will be, “Do you want $250?”. By entering this contest you promise to “be cool”, share some tips and agree to let us use photo evidence of your progress. By not entering this contest, you agree that you have no right to complain about anything, ever.  Oh, and you also agree that I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. I may not have been clear about that yesterday.

But seriously…
Let’s have some fun. Let’s be cool. And let’s all see what we can accomplish in the next 6 weeks. I hope this lights a fire under your butt and gets you to take massive action.