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How to Sell 500 E-books in 100 Days

While talking to a big-time fitness info marketer recently, he asked me what I would do to sell 3300 copies of an e-book (on Clickbank) in only 100 days.

By my math (which admittedly started going downhill when I entered high-school), that’s 33 e-books per day.

Not too hard if you have the right sized list.

But if you don’t, let’s say you want to go from 1 e-book to 3-ebooks per day or from 5 to 15. That’s easily do-able with the following 5 essential steps…

1) You MUST increase your affiliate commissions to 75% – or as much as possible.

Almost every single top Clickbank product offers 75% affiliate commissions. This will bring in more affiliates, and more affiliates means more sales.

By the way, Clickbank recently reported that 70% of the sales on all products are affiliate sales. That’s how important affiliates are to our success.

2) So you need more affiliates, and you can get them by using my “give to get” strategy.

Go to the affiliates and help them first. Give them a bonus or report for them to give away or add to their upsell. Don’t go asking them for handouts when you don’t even know them.

And once you have your affiliates, make sure you do all the work for them. This includes writing every single email, and even writing the description of your free report you’ve given them for their site.

Do ALL the work for them.

My friending John Romanielloz has been doing that with his SuperHero Workout product release this week. Check out his cool site with a unique angle here:

3) Add an upsell to make the affiliate commission even more lucrative to the affiliate. This will also reduce the number of sales you have to make if your main goal is a specific profit level, rather than just selling a certain number of books.

And remember, ANYONE can add 1-click upsells, all you have to do is contact Clickbank and ask.

4) Run a 3-day promo. I detail all of the set-up for that in the $100K in 12 months report here:


5) Seven days after the 3-day promo, introduce a 21-day trial offer of your product.

Allow your readers to try your product for $4.95 or $19.95 and then they will be billed the remainder of the price 21 days later. (It goes without saying that all of this is CLEARLY disclosed on your site. No tomfoolery.)

If you don’t use Clickbank, you can use any shopping cart (i.e. to set up an awesome affiliate commission, 1-click upsells, and to create your own trial offer.

Simple action steps to step up your business,

Craig Ballantyne

“Do not confuse activity with accomplishment.” – Dan Kennedy