How to Make Money

A new ten day road trip begins today. I’m heading to New York for the Atlas 400 annual meeting with some of the most  interesting people in the world.

Seriously, these guys give the Dos Equis guy a run for his money. There’s one guy who books some of the biggest concert acts in the world. Another guy is a world famous author who has had his books made into movies (and he makes $20K EVERY time the movie plays on TV – how awesome is that?).

Then there’s Matt Smith and Simon Black. They’ll be there too. Good times will be had by all.

And then the work begins. Off to Colorado for five days of acclimatizing to altitude before Saturday, June 9th’s 10-mile Tough Mudder run…Starts at 8000ft elevation. Great times will be had by all.

Oh, and what the heck, let’s throw in a 1-Day ETR Mastermind the day before the Tough Mudder as well. That’s going to be an exciting day full of hot seats and big break throughs.

Alright, now to your questions…Let’s get right to the best and simplest mindset to make money. (All these QnA’s come from sessions.)

Q: Any recommendations for a 17 year old to create income  aside from a part time job in order to gain capital that will be used to purchased knowledge to better the business I want to start?

Answer: First, identify a problem that can be solved. Second, solve it.

Essentially, you just need to find a way to deliver value to someone who will pay you for it.

Cutting lawns, doing odd jobs, and being of service to others in your neighborhood is a simple way to start.

And be prepared to work HARD. No one can avoid WORK if they want to succeed. No entertainer, no entrepreneur, and no success story of any kind gets to where they are – and STAYS there – without their own equivalent of back-breaking work.

Work – It’s the cure for what ails this world.

That said, on a larger scale, start building a web-based business that can solve people’s problems no matter where they live. Go back and re-read my “$100K in 12 months” report
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After that, read my “Starting From Scratch” blueprint in this month’s Financial Independence Monthly.

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Q: Do you have any tips on writing better headlines?

Answer: Yes, absolutely.

First, study other headlines that are working.

Second, invest in a good copy course or book. Dan Kennedy has many good ones. You should start with his Sales Letter book.  Get that on Amazon.

Oh, and then prepare to STUDY and WORK, and to TRY and to FAIL…and then to try again and again until you succeed.

Pretty straightforward.

Q: Do you have any advice on how to motivate loved ones?

Answer: Motivation comes from within.

Your loved ones must find their own source of inspiration.

You can’t force it on others. The best you can do is expose them to other people who are ‘just like them’ and who are doing great things.

At ETR we have five core values, and #3 is “Live by Example.”

When you do that, you attract like-minded people into your life and you inspire people to do better with their own lives in order to impress you.

But they’ll only do that if you live your life sincerely and without forcing your values on them.

So Live by Example. At ETR, this means:

“An ETR member exudes the principles of at all times, especially when representing ETR. We rise early, manage our time and energy, and are dedicated to a life well lived. We are, of course, not “all work and no play”. Time is made for the finer things in life, enjoyed responsibly.”

Identify the core values in your life and don’t hesitate to share them. Then Live by Example, sincerely and consistently. It’s the best way to motivate others.

They will change when they are ready.

Have faith,

Craig Ballantyne

“We can’t become who we need to be by remaining who we are.”
– Author Unknown