How to Instantly Grab a New Contact’s Attention

One of the first questions you get when you meet someone at a networking event is “What do you do?” You need to answer this question not only at networking events but on job applications… on your website or blog… in promotional materials… and that’s just the half of it!

Clearly conveying the kind of work you do can be something of a challenge. You don’t want to say “I’m a copywriter” or “I sell shoes.” Boring! You want to capture the other person’s attention and get them to remember you.

Last week, a new client gave me a great idea for how to answer this critical question: Get the language from your testimonials (or even the testimonials on your competitors’ websites).

For example, I could take this testimonial for my business, Marketing Mentor:

“Thank you so much for helping me – I think I’d still be spinning my wheels! You’ve been a great partner in this sometimes halting process of getting the word out about what I do.”

… and turn it into this:

“We partner with you so you can stop spinning your wheels and get the word out about what you do.”

[Ed. Note: Ilise Benun is an author, consultant, national speaker, and co-founder of She helps her clients learn the tools they need to market their services, get ideal clients, and grow their businesses.

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