How to Get Donald Trump to Upgrade Your Hotel Room

When millionaire entrepreneur Cameron Johnson was eight years old, he wanted nothing more than to stay at New York’s Plaza Hotel, which was featured in the blockbuster movie Home Alone 2. His parents agreed to take him, so Cameron wrote a letter to the hotel’s owner, Donald Trump, asking if he could take a look at the suite where Home Alone ‘s hero had stayed. Trump did him one better. He arranged for Cameron and his parents to stay in that suite.

Cameron’s questions didn’t stop. At age nine, he asked himself, “Why couldn’t I become a businessman like Donald Trump?” His first company – an invitation printing service – was born. From then on, Cameron’s career blossomed. At age 12, his eBay Beanie Baby business was pulling in $50,000 a year. Before he graduated from high school, he was worth a million bucks. He’s since started a dozen Internet companies, written the books 15 Year Old CEO and You Call the Shots, consulted for Fortune 500 companies, spoken at colleges nationwide, and appeared in Oprah’s reality series The Big Give.

That’s a lot of success for anyone – let alone a 23-year-old. And much of it is due to the fact that Cameron was never afraid to ask that crucial question: “Why not?”

“Question your limits. Question others’ boundaries. Question whether you can do something different,” Cameron told me. “And you won’t believe just how far you can go.”

Michael Masterson agrees. “Think about the chances you might have missed in your own life by failing to ask ‘Can I?’ Or ‘Would you?’ Or ‘Is he?'” he said in his article” The Power of a Simple Question.”

Here’s a question for you: What do you have to lose by asking?

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