How To Get A Dream Job With The Best Firm In Your Business

What are your chances of landing a dream job that more than 1,000 other people have applied for? You’d expect them to be somewhere around 1 in 1,000, right? Or maybe a little better … depending on your personal confidence level. But just two months ago, Scott Lindley not only beat those odds by getting such a job, he swept the hiring company off their feet. In fact, by the time he was done interviewing, they’d offered him a position better than the one he’d applied for!

Last week, we received an e-mail from Scott, a long-time ETR reader, explaining how he did it. He started off with a quick compliment we’d be remiss in omitting: “You folks at Early to Rise have provided me with timely, relevant information, inspiration, confirmation, and good business advice on a variety of topics.” Scott then brought up one feature of ETR that he finds particularly valuable: “The Daily Action Plan is especially relevant to my story, because the call to action, in combination with the advice you provide in various areas, was applicable to my specific situation at the moment I most needed that extra motivation.”

Turns out that in addition to being a regular ETR reader, Scott is also enrolled in ETR’s American Consultants League (ACL). This is the program that – among many other things – shows members how to transform their current job (or a new position) into one with a dramatically higher income. Scott had been looking to make a career move and was preparing to send out a resume for what he felt would be his “dream job.” “I purchased and received your ACL course at precisely the most appropriate time.”

Scott used specific, powerful techniques explained in the program to craft his job application. He also adopted strategies from his mentors, including success coach Mike Litman and marketing guru Jay Abraham. (We’ve said it before in ETR – there’s great power in using multiple mentors to compound your chances of success. And Scott followed this advice.) “ETR, along with Mike Litman’s E-mail Follow-Up System (which prods you to act and follow up), in combination with the ACL course, urged action at exactly the right moment. To not be one of the herd. To focus and act. “I also took a page from Jay Abraham. In presenting some new business proposals with my resume, I adopted the best ideas from other fields, added the ACL ‘expert positioning’ advice, and applied it all to my industry.”

And I also made sure my resume presented my ‘experience profile’ and career achievements in a manner that executives could see in the first 15 seconds – inspiring them to read all 4 pages. As Jay says, people will read a 25-page sales letter as long as it’s not boring, but they won’t read one page if it is. “I researched the company for a minimum of 20 hours, including reading their annual reports for the preceding three years. I was confident I now had the strongest resume I’d ever written or even seen. And then I mailed it out. “When I sent the resume via e-mail, it clearly displayed my new credentials as head of my own consulting company (thanks to ACL).

I included specific references and quoted sources, just as one would do in a book. I precisely followed the ACL techniques laid out in the program for developing powerful proposals that get the results you want.” Not only did Scott get his application reviewed at the highest levels, he was called in for an interview just a few days later. And, he explains, “that extra research I did, which the ACL program suggested, allowed me to bring up several ‘morsels’ about the firm during the initial meeting with the CEO that the ‘average’ person would not have known.” How did the interview go? “Charlie,” he tells me, “my situation changed so quickly that the company wanted me immediately.

After they flew me out to meet with them, I was actually offered a job that the top executives ‘created,’ not the job I had initially contacted them about.” And how did this affect his salary? “My initial income increase, out of the gate, was 25%, with an additional potential increase upon review of my progress after six months – plus a bonus based upon company profits. Over 2-3 years, my income could easily double. “By the way, I learned just recently that the company had received over 1,000 resumes for the position. It’s all been an exciting whirlwind – and that is an understatement.” “All my efforts worked, as I was able to get an offer for my picture-perfect ‘dream job with the best firm in the business.'”

If you want to replicate Scott’s success, consider following his path: Read ETR every day, paying special attention to the daily action plans that can help you reach your personal goals. Choose one of ETR’s career- or income-building programs, and diligently apply everything you learn from it. In Scott’s case, he decided to dramtically increase his income by enrolling in ACL (you can read more about it HERE). Take advantage not only of the advice that ETR and AWAI have to offer, but also that of multiple mentors. As Scott says, “focus and act.” Do this and who knows … maybe just a few months from now, you’ll be in your own “dream job with the best firm in the business.”