How to Build a List

Today we’re going to cover the basics of list-building.

But don’t worry if you need more advanced internet marketing tips, because I’ll be back tomorrow with the best SEO interview you’ve ever heard. I promise.

In tomorrow’s call we’re going to simplify everything about getting free traffic with Search Engine Optimization.

But first…today’s list building lesson.

Everyone wants a list. But no one has one. So how do you get one, when starting from scratch?

Follow these 3 tips, and you’ll be well on your way…

1) Put your sign-up form in the top right of your website or use a popover (like I do at in order to capture visitor information.

Don’t hide this form at the bottom of your page. That’s the #1 mistake I see online beginners making on their blogs or websites. Don’t make your prospects search for the opt-in box.

2) Give away a valuable free report. It should have a great title and it must be something your website visitors desire.

I recently added a new free report to my opt-in box at I’m now giving away one of my BEST workouts. It boosted optins by 50% in one day. Powerful stuff.

When creating a report, focus on giving a short piece of content that immediately solves a big problem.

You don’t need to give out 101 mediocre tips. It’s better to give out 1 AMAZING tip that instantly solves a massive problem. That will help you get more people taking your free offer in exchange for their email address.

I’d also stay away from offering a free e-course delivered over 5-7 days. That offer tends to be less effective than instantly giving the answer to one major problem via a free PDF or video.

3) Attract traffic with articles and video. You want high-quality, specific articles on your site and on your blog and unique videos on Youtube as well.

I add a new article or video to my three blogs each day and each of these are significant sources of targeted visitors for me.

And with tomorrow’s SEO interview, you’ll discover how to maximize the return on the time you’ve invested in your article writing to get more people to your website and on your list.

BONUS TIP: Create a free e-book and let other people give it away on the Internet. Within the e-book, make sure there are lots of links back to your website.

I created a Turbulence Training bodyweight workout for affiliates to give away (with their affiliate link encoded within the report), and it has been one of my best lead generation tools by far. Their readers try the free workout and like it, and end up becoming long-time members in my fat loss membership.

All because I was willing to GIVE to GET.

Those are the basics…and tomorrow we’ll get more advanced.

Keep pushing,

Craig Ballantyne