How to Be Different on the Internet

Today’s the big day at our Mastermind group. First, we have our Transformation Contest presentations, where one member will be crowned “Champion of Mastermind” and will win their flight and hotel paid for at the next meeting (September in Vegas).

Plus, we have Matt Smith on hand to do several life-changing hot seats this afternoon.

And then Bedros and I will be teaching our latest “what works” findings from our businesses. My session is on “Politically Incorrect XXX Customer Acquisition“.

Legendary day coming up for legendary people.

All the folks in the Mastermind Group are stand-outs. They do things differently from folks who struggle.

They take action rather than procrastinate, they test the market rather than getting hung up on perfing hung up on perfectionism.

They are pioneers, smart risk-takers, and focused creators.

It’s incredibly energizing to be around a great group of producers…these are the people needed more than ever in the world today. We need more folks, like you, to follow their lead and share their talents and wisdom with the world.

You must stand out to succeed, and that’s what this QnA is about today.

Q from me: Are you having a Mother’s Day promotion?

Answer from you: Probably not.

Reply from me: Well, you should be, if it fits your business.

Here’s a great Mother’s Day promotion by a company,, that understands the benefit of using a holiday as a good reason to have a sale and contact prospects.

Every event that is of interest to your audience is an incredible opportunity for you to promote your products to your audience.

I’ve even manufactured events – like Ballantyne’s Day – to use as a good reason to contact my prospects with extra bonuses in a sale for them.

Every day is a great day for selling, but holidays like Mother’s Day makes it even easier for you to stand out, especially when few businesses make the effort to take advantage of the opportunity.

Q: “CBJr., any advice on creating products? I’m always worried my books will look too much like yours! But I suppose they’ll have to in a way. Am I wrong to think that? – From CBSr., one of my best friends in high school who is now building his own online business

Answer: Don’t worry brother, I didn’t invent exercise, nor was I the first to think of selling workouts to the world.

Everyone’s workouts look a little like mine…and like those that came before me.

There are few original ideas in the world, and while there is no excuse for outright copying, all you need to do is bring something unique to the world, and you’re fine.

Focus on finding ONE big reason that makes your products different from all the others in the market.

For example, my friend and Fitness Info Mastermind member, Mike Whitfield, created his product with a different angle from all the other fat loss workout
programs on the market.

You need to stand out like that, too.

Your idea might be 7 minute of core training at the start of each training session…or always using 4 exercise circuits, or a specific nutrition routine.

Whatever you choose, make sure you are doing something different.


Make sure you can back it up with experience, science, and results. That’s > results. That’s how you stand out.

So remember these three rules of being cool:

1) No copying
2) No making stuff up
3) Be different and explain why it matters

That’s all.

Follow-up Q: I was thinking about what you said, and something that I do is “TECHNICAL MUMBO JUMBO” (deleted for all II reader’s sanity). What do you think of that? – CBSr.

Answer: No one, outside of 0.5% of the smartest trainers in the world, knows or cares about the technical mumbo jumbo.

You need to think like your prospect…

What do they want?

Don’t make the mistake of forcing your ideas on them.

Instead, solve their problems.

Sell what they want, and deliver what they need.

Follow-up Q: But isn’t here already a lot of competition out there? – CBSr.

Answer: Of course. There are 7 billion people on the planet…you think you’re the only one with an idea to sell something?

But listen, don’t worry.

Every year new products break into crowded market places because they are based on a big idea, and the message is perfectly matched for the audience.

This isn’t easy, of course, but it IS possible.

It can be done. Many new people do it every year.

You just have to figure out where you can fit in.

Remember my friend, Mike Whitfield? His program can be added on to any existing workout. It’s cool, easy for others to promote, and makes him a few thousand per month.

Here’s another one:

Shawna shows folks how to fix a common problem – how to do more pushups and pullups.

Again, they are different from everyone else but still serve a crowded mass market.

If you want to breakthrough and stand-out, you need to have an idea like that.

You can do it.

Take your expertise, your passion, and a unique hook, and bring your solution to the world’s problems.

Q: Where does a newbie start?  What would you suggest to read as the first book, or whatever, to get headed in the right direction to make a living on line. – Evelyn

Answer: Hi Evelyn,

If you want to get started making money online, then please read the April issue of Financial Independence Monthly on how to start a website as cheaply as possible.

And then read this article on how to stand out and dominate a marketplace.

Time to stand out and dominate,

Craig Ballantyne

It’s your life and doing the right thing is more important than what other people think or say about you. Stay strong. Get stronger.