How I Helped a Spanish-Speaking Immigrant Start a Profitable Business

It was one of those Christmas parties you don’t want to go to, but you force yourself to do it for business reasons.

The conversation at the table that my fiancee Blanca and I were sitting at was all about the jobs people these people had. None of them were friends, but more than one was an acquaintance.

The truth is, I didn’t like most of these people. The reason is that they had laughed at my fiancee in the past. You see, Blanca was born in Peru, and when she came here she spoke almost no English. So, while none of these people were rich, they had jobs which were considerably better than any job Blanca could get.

If you don’t speak English, the job market is quite limited. So, Blanca took a minimum-wage job as a nanny – one of the only jobs available for a woman who speaks almost no English. And she kept that job for quite awhile before we got married.

As the conversation moved from person to person, Roger, with a glint of mischief in his eyes, snatched a quick glance at me and nodded at Blanca.

‘So, how is ‘the job’ going, Blanca?’

The others at the table could scarcely contain their snickering and eye-rolling when Roger’s girlfriend whispered, ‘She’s not still doing that, is she?’

Then she started to talk about her new business…

‘Actually,’ Blanca responded with an air of confidence in her voice, ‘about a month ago, I decided that I should go into business for myself.’

Roger gave her a patronizing grin as he said, ‘That’s nice, dear, but going into business for yourself isn’t easy. I was in business for three years before I made a profit.’

How Blanca Was Able to Start a Profitable Business in Less Than 30 Days – With Almost No Capital – Using The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System

Murmurs of agreement sounded across the table. Then Blanca very casually replied, ‘Really? I guess I should be happy that I’m already making enough money to have quit my job.’

Instantly, there was a tense silence. I restrained myself from saying anything as I savored this moment … because I knew that Blanca was about to explain how she used my Quick and Easy Microbusiness System to:

· Start making $20+ per hour her first week.

· Hire employees to do the hands-on work, while she made all the profits.

· Have no risk, because she kept her current job while she built her business part-time.

· Begin the business with less than $100 in capital.

‘Well,’ Roger cautiously plodded forward. ‘What type of business have you started?’ Blanca began to explain how she’d begun her own service business – but before she could get very far, Roger exclaimed, ‘Sure, you can make $8 an hour working your fingers to the bone, but that’s not exactly having your own business.’

‘Blanca still can’t believe she drives an expensive new car after less than 6 months in business.’

A Complete Triumph!

The table anxiously awaited Blanca’s admission that Roger ‘the skeptic’ was correct, but their surprise was only magnified when she said: ‘Actually, I average about $20 an hour when I do the work myself. But the business is expanding so rapidly, I’m bringing on employees to handle the work while I just manage it.’

Roger was clearly faltering, as his ammunition was obviously almost gone. ‘Yes,’ he hedged as he grasped at straws, ‘but to expand, you’ve got to have a lot of money to invest.’

Blanca shook her head ‘no’ with total confidence, as I relished every moment of her redemption.

Blanca continued her explanation. ‘You see, once the business was making a profit, I just reinvested some of my profits to fund the business growth.’

Believe me, the snickering turned into earnest interest, as everyone wanted to know how she did it.

Blanca went on to explain that by using my proven small-business growth system, she was able to keep her job for the first few weeks while she got started – so she had no risk other than her initial $99 start up capital.

It was all so easy, because my unique system spelled out how to pick an easy-to-start microbusiness and then provided the actual marketing system that allowed her to obtain all the business she wanted. The most amazing thing was that it took almost no effort for her to get her business up and running.

In Less Than One Year, Blanca Sold Her Business for an Enormous Profit And She Started a New – Even More Profitable

The happy ending to this story is that in less than a year, Blanca built her business up to such a large size that she was able to sell it. And now, she has taken that money and invested it in a different and even more profitable business. But, best of all, Blanca will never again have to worry about a boss firing or insulting her – and she doesn’t have any more worries about being able to pay her bills.

How The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System Got Started

My name is Paul Lawrence, and I am now happily married to Blanca – who continues to operate her latest profitable business while I run several different profitable businesses of my own. While Blanca was struggling to find a way to make a living that would provide her with a good income and security, I was already successfully running several very profitable businesses. Because we were still only dating at the time, I sympathized with her plight. But since we didn’t live together, she really needed to be able to support herself.

But then I realized that I could show her the methods that I used to build my own profitable small businesses without any capital or previous experience. And, as you can see from her success, my system worked wonders for her.

That’s when I decided that since this system is so powerful and so easy to use, it was time to formalize it and share it with other aspiring entrepreneurs who wanted desperately to be able to control their own destinies by owning their own small businesses.

My Quick and Easy Microbusiness System Worked for Them Too!

Let me tell you about David Maxwell, another person who The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System worked for.

David was a high school dropout who took a job with a major grocery chain, and eventually worked himself up to a management position. But, after working years – with nothing to show for it and his job in jeopardy every day – he decided to go into business for himself … using the techniques of The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System.

As soon as David made the decision to take charge of his life, everything changed for him. With less than $100 in initial capital, he started his own business – and in less than 30 days, he was making a full-time living. But, it didn’t stop there. David found himself with so much business that he had to hire a number of employees – and he quickly began to earn $2,200 dollars a week. In fact, he made so much money that he was able to invest some of it in other new businesses. And today, David Maxwell makes enough money that he drives an expensive Porsche, travels several times a year, and owns a beautiful house that would make anyone proud.

How Mike Yale Made $15,000 in His First Month

Mike Yale’s success using my Instant Microbusiness System proves that sometimes practical business ‘street smarts’ can be more effective than an academic education.

You see, Mike had a master’s degree in Business Administration. Yet, the only jobs he could find with his degree offered long hours, little job satisfaction, and a salary that barely paid his living expenses … much less his college-loan payments. Then, he decided to take his fate into his own hands – and he began using The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System. By applying a few simple techniques, he made $15,000 in one month! And, that was just to start. Now, instead of scrambling to pay his bill’s, Mike sleeps well at night knowing that his bank account is swelling so much that he’s beginning to think about taking a few years off to meander around the world.

The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System Is A Proven Program Where You Are Guaranteed to Make Cash Profits in Your First Week Without Capital or Any Special Education

The big difference between The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System and any other system is that you’re going to be able to make profits right away with virtually no capital or training.

· You can start your new business with as little as $100.

· You can start your business within 1 week of receiving the system.

· The legwork is already done for you. Just use my proven promotional system.

· There’s not just one business that’s right for you. You’ll be given a choice of many proven businesses, so you can start the one that appeals to you the most.

All the little tricks I’ve learned, I put into this system. I wanted a business for Blanca that could make her income early – and, yes, she had cash coming in within days of getting started. As the cash came in, she paid off her bills – and then we decided to put into place the ultimate wealth-building secret …

You see, we realized that because we were getting married, we wanted Blanca to be able to stay home and take care of the kids that we were planning to have. So, I found a way to take her out of the actual work and have other people run the business for her.

Now, The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System can not only put you, your wife, and even your friends to work – it can also enable you to take yourself out of the hands-on work within 6 months …and give you an automatic stream of cash coming in. Just follow my system for an hour or two a day.

A Secret Marketing System That Is So Easy People Are Shocked When They See How Well It Works

Look, the most important thing in business is to have customers. And the proven marketing system that I’m going to show you how to use is so easy you won’t believe it.

My system uses a combination of sophisticated marketing secrets that the heavyweight advertising agencies and multi-billion-dollar conglomerates use – and applies them to small-business marketing. Ordinary ‘mom and pop’ small businesses won’t stand a chance of competing with you when you ‘unleash’ this system. You’ll literally pull in as many new customers as you desire. And along with your customer base growing …so will your bank account!

Listen, anybody can say, ‘Sure, if you want to get some business … then advertise.’ But countless people lose money left and right on advertising and promotions that don’t work. One after another, slick advertising salespeople convince small-business owners that they need to keep spending one bad dollar after another, because ‘It takes a while to build awareness.’

In just a week or two – with less than $100 – you’re going to be up and running in your own profitable business. The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System will help you pick out a perfect proven business for yourself. Then, you’ll take the already created, proven promotional materials, insert your business name, and use the mediums that The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System will teach you how to use. It couldn’t be simpler!

The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System Lets You Keep Your Current Job While You Build Your Business Into a Full-Time Venture

One of the best things about The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System is that it is loaded with methods to get into a business while you are still working at another job. Your Quick and Easy Microbusiness System will give you ideas for proven profitable businesses that you can start by putting in as little as 2 or 3 hours a week.

Once your new business is bringing in enough income, you can quit your current job and focus full-time on your new business.

The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System will take you step-by-step through all of the following:

How to choose a business that will be right for you and will allow you to make money within 1 week.

How to use a proven marketing system that will let you just plug your business name into the promotional materials and be in business in under 1 hour.

The easy-to-use marketing profile system will have you target the best prospects … the prospects who will line your pockets.

You’ll learn the secrets to promoting your business and obtaining an endless supply of customers in less than 30 days … with less than $100 to start.

How to maximize your profit potential by making $100 or more per hour, without doing any physical work.

How to save by getting licenses or fulfilling other legal requirements – without a lawyer – in order to legitimately start your business your very first day.

The Instant Microbusiness chapter on recruiting and training employees will help you get others to do the work … while you deposit all the profits in your bank account.

And you’ll learn how it’s possible to use your microbusiness to become a millionaire in under a year!

If you want to be in business for yourself and you don’t have much capital, what you need is a highly effective, low-cost marketing system that will get you immediate profits. You need a system that is practical and not hard to use. You need a solid, proven system that will take you from getting started to managing the skyrocketing growth your business will enjoy.

The Instant Microbusiness System Uses Proven, Practical Business Techniques

If you want to get rich without putting in any effort, you should just throw this letter away right now. Because The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System won’t be for you.

But, if you are willing to work not only hard but smart, please read on. Because you may very well be about to change the entire course of your life.

I had an idea that turned out to be a goldmine. Although I used to have a decent management job, I knew I wanted more. So, I decided to forget about ‘get-rich schemes’ and instead focus on practical, proven businesses. Then I thought, ‘Why not take the sophisticated strategies I learned in my business college classes and apply them to the small-business marketplace?’

The results were nothing short of amazing.

In Less Than 30 Days, I Had All the Customers I Wanted By using the very same techniques that you’ll learn in The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System, I was able to build a business that was generating a full-time income in less than 30 days!

But even more importantly, once I got the business up and running, I had enough free time on my hands to begin other microbusinesses. I am proud to tell you that, today, I own several different small businesses that each individually makes what most people would consider to be a very comfortable living.

Using the techniques you will learn in The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System, I now have a great house to live in, my wife and I both drive new cars, and we take trips whenever and wherever we feel like it.

The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System Will Work for You

The examples I gave you about real people who took control of their destinies and are now financially independent are just a drop in the bucket of success stories that have come from the potent Instant Microbusiness System techniques. And using The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System, you can make the same success happen for you. You’ll have a proven program that will take you every step of the way. Now, I know what you must be thinking. Any system that can assure you of owning your own successful business with an income potential of $40,000…$60,000…or even $100,000 or more (if you franchise your business) and begin it all with less than $100 in start-up capital and no experience – would be worth its weight in gold.

Truthfully, if I were giving you this help personally and charging you based on the standard valuations that are used in the business world, it wouldn’t be unreasonable at all to charge $1,000 to $5,000 for all the advice you’re going to get. But by putting this into a program that anyone with a computer can access I can charge much less. I’ll tell you all the details in a moment. But first, I want to share one more great piece of news with you.

The Goal of This Program: To Give You a Cash Flow Of No Less Than $2,000 a Week… Within the Next Three Months!

That’s right. You heard right. The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System is designed to give you a big fast income even if you are working only 2 to 3 hours a week. Just follow the simple proven formula and you’ll see the results…if not you’ll get all your money back.

For the next 30 days, you can use The Quick and Easy Microbusiness System for an investment of only: $99!

Think about it. Is $99 to be able to start and operate your own profitable business that could earn $40,000…$60,000 or even $100,000+ per year?

Of course it is. But I actually still have more good news for you.

You’ll Also Receive a Free Cash-Flow Business Opportunity Guide

You’re also going to receive the Cash Flow Business Opportunity Guide. This valuable manual will teach you about 20 different businesses that you can start for under $100. But this manual is much more than a few pages of business ideas. It’s a detailed analysis of 20 proven, profitable businesses … and includes all the information you’ll need to know to start any one of them without any previous special skills or knowledge.

You’ll learn the details about how to market the business, what knowledge you’ll need to get started, and many ‘insider secrets’ to reap huge profits. Think about this. You’re going to receive a proven business system that will teach you step by step how to start your own profitable business in under 30 days with less than $100 in capital that could earn you $40,000…$60,000…or even $100,000 per year. You will get detailed instructions on how to start 20 different proven profitable businesses.

And, you’ll have no risk … because of our 100% ‘no questions asked’ money-back guarantee.

Because I’m limiting the number of people that I will share my Quick and Easy Microbusiness System with, I strongly urge you to place your order today. If you want to be a part of this exciting program you need to act fast because the few spaces left will fill-up very quickly. I look forward to helping you become the next Quick and Easy Microbusiness System success story.