How ETR Can Make You Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise


Dear Andrew,
First, pay attention to the messages you get during the first two weeks of service. Those are “evergreen” issues of ETR that focus on core ideas that we come back to again and again. Any one of those ideas can change your life if you follow the suggestions with purpose and tenacity. (Ninety-five percent of human failure is due to never getting started. Another 4 percent is due to giving up. Only 1 percent is due to factors beyond your control.)
Second, recognize and take advantage of the pattern of Early to Rise. Each daily message usually contains a short essay on something I think is important, three or four smaller pieces that I believe you’d appreciate, and one “Word to the Wise” that I hope you’ll find interesting or amusing.
Third, expect to find regular information, news, opinions, and advice about building your wealth, improving your health, and becoming more worldly-wise. The most common subjects include wealth building, entrepreneurship, investing, real estate, direct-response marketing, copywriting, personal productivity, retirement planning, health and fitness, and living “rich.”
Fourth, make use of the “Speak Out” section of the ETR website (to get your questions answered and read ideas and opinions from other readers).
Fifth, pay attention to the advertising. Although we don’t specifically endorse every ad that is placed in ETR, we make it a policy to advertise services we think you’d be interested in. And we make sure all our advertisers provide an unconditional guarantee so that, if you don’t like the product, for whatever reason, you can get all your money back. Every once in a while, I will personally recommend a product or service. When I do, you can be sure that I am very positive about it and very hopeful that it can help you in a big way.
Sixth, take something positive from ETR every day. It may simply be a new word that you can work into your next conversation or a fact to impress your colleagues with. It may equally well be a marketing or moneymaking strategy that can double your income, let you retire 10 years earlier, or help you create a business that will make you rich.
You don’t need to absorb and/or profit from everything in ETR. But if you make it a point to take one thing a day from it, your life will get better and better in a progressively more dramatic way. ETR added nearly $90,000 to PH’s income the first time he read it. It doubled JF’s income in less than two years. AS discovered a new line of income for his small business that will generate over $300,000 in profits this year. And SB lost 40 pounds. There are a lot of people out there benefiting from ETR. You should be one of them.