How Do You Know Which Products to Sell?

When it comes to the products you offer, if you stick to two guidelines, you’ll never want for satisfied, loyal customers. Those two guidelines? As MaryEllen Tribby puts it, “Before we sell a product, it has to be good for the company and it has to be good for the customer.”

A product that’s “good for the company” is able to bring in money and/or names for our e-mail list. A product that’s “good for the customer” is one that not only satisfies our clients’ needs but “over-delivers” on value. And it does so in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

Of course, a product that makes our customers happy is also a product that’s good for the company. So these guidelines go hand in hand. Before we offer any product to our subscribers, our marketing team makes sure it fits the “good for the company, good for the customer” bill.

It doesn’t matter whether you create your own products… sell other companies’ products as an affiliate… or buy pre-made products to sell to your customers… Make sure you put those products to the “company/customer” test. Your bottom line will thank you.

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