How a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

Everyone’s on the hunt for a productivity hacks these days. Many of us have tried the vaunted tips and tricks we find online, but the key to a sustained productivity boost is not about magical one-off hacks; it starts with good organization.

To that end, we bring you this amazing infographic—a visual compendium of every strategy you need to keep your office clean and, as a result, your productivity high. Give it a whirl (and ditch those gimmicky hacks):

How a Clean Office Helps Productivity

Thanks to our friends at Cleaning Services Group for this helpful visual! Remember: Keep the clutter away and you’ll find your health, productivity, and mood will be dramatically improved.


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Jeff Steen

Jeff Steen is the Associate Editor of Early to Rise. Previously, he worked in food and hospitality journalism, but is currently focused on bringing unique, insightful content to the ETR world.