It’s pretty much common knowledge these days that lycopene, one of the main ingredients in tomatoes, can help protect against cancer. Now there’s more evidence supporting this finding.

In a recent study, University of Illinois researchers found that eating tomatoes, rather than taking lycopene supplements, is also a preventive against prostate cancer. Then comes the bad advice from these researchers: “Include more tomato-based pasta dishes and pizza in your diet — and make sure there’s a bottle of ketchup on the table at every meal.”

Commercial ketchup is junk food of the worst kind. Like all junk foods, it is loaded with sugar, our No. 1 addictive substance of abuse. And that brilliant red you see in the bottle is NOT lycopene. It’s chemical and/or food coloring. So don’t put the ketchup bottle on the table — deposit it in the garbage.

Read all “scientific” nutrition reports with extreme skepticism. And look at who’s picking up the tab. The above-cited study, for example, was partially funded by the company that makes Hunt’s tomato sauce and ketchup.

(Source: Dr. William Campbell Douglass’s Real Health e-letter)