Harmless Pastime – or Insidious Time Suck?

Video games are big business.

When a Sony Playstation comes out… when the Nintendo Wii was finally released… every time a new version of Halo hits the market…

Video gaming makes national news.

Why? Because a whopping 40 percent of Americans play games on a computer or console. (That’s according to a 2006 poll by AP-AOL Games.)

“What of it?” you might be thinking. “It’s a harmless pastime.”

Claims that video games “improve coordination” and “increase dexterity” aside… they are almost as bad as TV.

They eat up your time, preventing you from working on more valuable pursuits: starting a business, developing a financially valued skill, or educating yourself on your industry.

Even worse, 42 percent of video gamers say they spend at least four hours a week playing.

If you’re a video gamer, it’s time to cut back. If you spend one less hour a week in front of your Wii or computer screen, that’s nearly one and a half weeks’ worth of time you’d be “reclaiming.”

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