Most Important Question I Could Ask You

I’m sorry, but I just have to ask you this…it’s really important. It’s a little question that came up in Vegas this week over and over again.


Because I kept on asking it to people in my Mastermind group.

In fact, it is the most important question you ask yourself this year.

Ready for it?

Now wait…I want you to think about this for several areas of your life.

1) Your wealth/business
2) Your health
3) Your personal relationships
4) Your spiritual self or personal enrichment

So here’s the question.

What’s the ONE thing that MUST happen in 2012 for you to consider 2012 to have been a TRUE breakthrough year?

Your answer is your destination for 2012.

Your answer is so important because it will guide your every action and decision in 2012.

It’s your vision for 2012.

It’s the guideline for what you must do this year.

If you write down…

1) I must get out of my $15,000 debt.
2) I must stop smoking.
3) I must re-kindle the fire with my spouse and take them on an adults-only vacation – even if just for a weekend.
4) I must re-read the most influential book in my life.

…then EVERYTHING you do, all day long, must be done in accordance with moving towards these goals.

The question is one of the most valuable things I could give you through coaching.

And you didn’t have to come to Vegas to get it.

My gift to you.

Answers those questions.

Be BRUTALLY honest and open with your answers.

The answers will change your life.

And please send me your success stories when you’ve taken action and achieved these goals.

Break through,

Craig Ballantyne

Your success means everything to me.