Goal Setting and Visualization

My journey continues…

…today we are leaving Thailand for Malaysia where Matt Smith and I will be doing a presentation and brainstorming session with the MindValley.com team.

But because of those factors, and due to having minimal Internet access, I don’t have time to write a full report today, so I’m dipping into the success story vault to bring you a great interview.

You might even get goosebumps as you listen to this one

A lot of people ask me if goal setting, visualization, and other mindset techniques really work.

I know they do.

And so does today’s success story.

Let him explain everything in detail here

You’ll be a believer soon.

It works,

Craig Ballantyne

“It is infinitely easier to become a millionaire by becoming the kind of person deserved of being a millionaire and likely to sustain being a millionaire, than it is to pursue just the million dollars.” – Dan Kennedy