Getting Tough and Taking Names

Matt Furey is changing his sign-off line from “Kick butt and take names” to “Get tough and take names.” And I understand why he’s doing it. It’s important to be tough – mentally tough. And Matt’s a master at it.

There is no question. To be successful at anything, you have to be prepared to endure criticism – some unjustified and some justified. (Does it surprise you to know that the justified criticism hurts more?) The more successful you are, the greater the criticism you will endure.

But if you last long enough, you become immune to criticism. Your emotional skin toughens. This takes a long time.

When someone tells you they don’t care what other people say, it usually means they do. Too much. But if you push forward and don’t allow your detractors to distract you, you will eventually get to a height they can’t reach.

I’m not there yet, but I can see it just above the next ledge. At those aerie heights, legends live. Like Galileo, Einstein, Ezra Pound, and George Carlin. On the very-soon waiting list are Howard Stern and Jerry Springer.

Ascending that cliff takes many skills. One of them is honesty – admitting your mistakes and shortcomings. Another is openness – admitting them publicly. Another is shrewdness – admitting them before anyone else does. And, finally, there is forgiveness – forgiving your critics and forgiving yourself.

Which is to say that getting tough is sometimes a matter of getting tender.

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