Getting – and Implementing – Great Ideas

When you need a creative solution, a new product, or a new marketing plan, you can’t depend on inspiration to hit. You need to find a way to consistently open up your mind to great ideas. Here are three ways to do it:

1. Go for a walk … and, while walking, focus on your breathing. Pay attention to your feet pushing into the ground. Notice the air coming in and out of your lungs. This will keep your conscious mind focused on “something else” and free up your creative side.

2. Take a shower. And take it for reasons other than, “Pew, I stink.” Take a shower because it is the place where most creative people get their best ideas.

3. Before going to bed at night, visualize your goal. Then, just before you drift off to sleep, pose a question to your subconscious mind, directing it to search for and retrieve a great idea while you are dreaming. As the great Earl Nightingale once said, “Ideas are like slippery fish.” This means that you must write down your idea immediately to prevent it from getting away. And then you must make that idea become a reality.

First, you need to see yourself successfully completing it. Sadly, this is where most people fail. They get great ideas, then lose enthusiasm for them. Don’t let that happen to you. Increase the belief you have in your idea by amplifying the emotion you have for it in the “Theatre of the Mind.” (I learned how to do that with Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s program on Zero Resistance Living.)

Then, you have to search for and discover the knowledge you must have in order to make the idea work. If, for example, your idea has something to do with making a boatload of dough via the Internet, then you’d better study how that is done.

Once you get the idea-generating process flowing, you will realize that you cannot stop it. What a wondiferous problem to have, eh? Get the process rolling TO-DAY and a whole new life awaits you. Never forget: “Beginning is half done.” I learned that over 20 years ago … and how true it is.

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